Long time no write... Sorry about that ;)

So, what´s going on in my life now? Well, we´re in the middle of this school quarter so on monday I have a midterm in Microeconomics. Hopefully I´ll do great... Should study a bit though :P

Met sexy irish dude Colin Farell this week! DAMN HE`S HOT! He´s also very nice, which I didn´t think at all.. I´ve heard that he´s supposed to be a real douche! I was kinda nervous before we met him but he really tried to give everyone that were standing there his autograph and pictures and he asked the people that almost got hurt from all the pushing and stuff if they were okay. I´m really glad that I met him actually! It totally gave me a new way to look at him!

Sadly enough I didn´t get a picture with him but here´s a picture that I took of him while he was giving people his autograph

Other celebrities I´ve met this week is Josh Groban, James Franco (which is a douche!) and Emma Stone!

It´s all about the rich and the famous, right! ;) 



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