It´s all about College!

People who know we know that I suck at math! I really really suck at it, but this week before my math test my landlord helped me study and explained everything to me in Swedish. She taught me the easiest trick and I went to the test feeling more confident than EVER!
Today I got the test back and I scored 100%!!!!!! I don´t think I´ve EVER scored 100% on a math test! SOOO HAPPY ABOUT IT!!!

Today I also finnished the draft of my my persuasive essay about why you should eat meat, and I gotta say that it feels damn good! :) Really enjoyed writing it and since I went to culinary school, a lot of what I wrote came from what we actually learned in school!
I really hope i´ll get an A on it because right now my english grade is pretty darn good! :D


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