My day "off"......

Today was my day off (now I´ll work until next thursday..) but I do not feel rested at all!

I got up around 8am, had breakfast, took a shower and then I went to the study abroadagency to take some tests for my future college... This test is for them to see my skillevel so they know which class they should put me in so that the whole class is on the same level... It was both english and math... The englishtest contained 3 parts and the mathtest was just one part... I came to the agency around 10am and left around 2pm! CHEESES! We had some internetproblems and also my computer isn´t the quickest, lol...

On my way home I was soo hungry and of course my train was cancelled because of the FREAKING snow!!! So, I had to take the subway and the bus which takes about 30 minutes longer.... FREAKING FREAKING SHIT!!! I was home for about an hour to eat and then I went the swimingpool at the sports center and swam about 1,2 miles.. YAAY MEEEEE! :D So freaking GOOOOOOD!



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