Sick days, SO BORED!!

I started feeling sick last fridayevening (after that freaking "snowstormmorning"). When I woke up saturdaymorning to go to work and work 8am-8pm I felt even worse... But of course I went anyway and it was terrible all day long! I wanted to go home so bad but we were already "low" on staff so I stayied until 7.20pm.. At that point I couldn´t take it anymore! I even called for a taxi to take me home because I really couldn´t imagine myself taking the bus and the train...
I got home like 8 o´clock and went straight to bed!

So now i´ve spent like 3 days in bed! I´ve just been drinking tea, honeywater and warm milk with honey and that´s all! It really was the worst cold EVER!!!!
I´m not well yet but I really have to go to work tomorrow! :( This cought really drives me CRAZY!!!! And also, IT`S SOOOOO BORING TO BE IN BED ALL DAY LONG!!!! Hate being sick!!


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