It´s the final countdown!

It really is "the final countdown" now...
Yesterday I booked my ticket so i´m going at 9am (swedish time) on thursday and I will land in New York around 12pm (U.S.A time)... It´s CRAZY!!! There´s so many "small" things that has to be done before I go and then I have to meet up with everyone to say "goodbye" (it´s not really a goodbye since we will meet again my dear friends!) I´m just 9 hours away!

I really have to thank GOstudy that made all this come true! Without them all this would still just be a dream for me! They really take care of everything! Jesper Hammar at GOstudy is THE BEST (I´m sure they all are as good as him)! He has helped me sooooo much! THANK YOU!!!!
If you also dream about going abroad to study I really think you should contact GOstudy ( and let them help you to make your dream come true for just 1500 kronor!!!!

It´s time for me to sleep because tomorrow it´s my last day at work!



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