Time for an update!

So, what have I been up too?
Well, I had 2 tests this week.. One that didn´t go that well I think and one that I think went well and it was all a miracle!!!
I was so fed up from studying to that test so since my prof. had told us that we will have 2 questions, one from each chapter I decided to just take 2 questions and study hard on them and then don´t care anymore! Luckily, that was the 2 questions that came up on the test!!!! IT WAS CRAZY!!!! I was soooo ready to fail that test!!!! Don´t know yet how well I did (if I really covered all she wanted) but at least it was those 2 questions! SICK! 

I´ve also met LOVELY Nakia from the new TV-show "The Voice" which both me and my roomie Anna is OBSESSED with! He tweeted about going to the NBC store for shooting some satelite TV interviews, so we went there early in the morning and of course we were first on set! HE is SUCH a nice man! LOVE him! Okay, my favorite is Jeff Jenkins but Nakia is absolutely my second favorite! 

Here we are! Anna, Nakia and me!
The V-hands stands for "The Voice" of course :P

Postat av: Anna

one of the best days ever! <3

2011-05-29 @ 22:16:41
URL: http://twilightdevil.blogg.se/
Postat av: Paulina

För en gångs skull lärde jag mig något genom att läsa en blogg. Det är inte varje dag man gör det direkt, tack för att du lägger ner din tid på att blogga :D.

2011-07-12 @ 18:36:38
URL: http://djurförsäkring.net

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