NYC Stand-up!

Yesterday I went to see my friend Hannah perform some comedy on a open mic night at "The Pit". Both me and Anna first went home to Hannah for some cider and small talk. We drank our ciders and all of a sudden both Hannah and Anna were trying to talk me in to doing stand-up as well.. Doing stand-up has always been something i´ve wanted to try, since like in junior high when people told me I was funny and should be a comedian. I told Anna and Hannah that I would never do it. But after some more alcohol I was actually considering doing it. When we came to the place Hannah signed me up... I had no idea what I was going to talk about during my routine but I had 2 vodka/cranberry before the show and thought that I was just going to get up on stage and say whatever came to mind, which I did! When I was called I got up on stage and just went for it! It felt awesome!!!! I actually got up and performed stand-up in front of maybe 20-30 people in the audience, in New York City!! Talk about improv! I don´t really remember what I talked about but I remeber hearing some laughs from the audience actually! :D

Next week me and Hannah are going back and i´ll have a real routine :D



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