Walking in New York City...

I must say that New York is the best city to walk around in.
 I really love it because there´s so many things to look at everywhere, it´s really never boring! Wherever you go there are crazy people and stores to look at.

Today I was at 107th and Broadway and decided to walk a few blocks.. All of a sudden I realized that I was down on 42nd street. That´s 65 blocks and I just walked around and cleared my thoughts a bit. It was really nice!

Don´t know what my plans are for the evening... Should probably do some homework or just try to get rid of my cold but that seems so boring... After all, it is saturday and I live in the city where ANYTHING can happen!

I love New York city!

Postat av: Barbara

Supercool that the girl in the picture is wearing a dress the same color as the bus!

2012-02-28 @ 22:26:26
Postat av: Victoria

I didn´t even realize that, but yeah, that´s really cool! :D

2012-02-29 @ 18:42:27

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