Rain in New York..

It´s raining here in New York today. I don´t really mind because I actually like the rain but there´s so much things you don´t really feel like doing when it´s raining, that´s just natural.

I slept pretty bad last night :/ In our apartment we had a rat (yes, a real RAT!) a few weeks ago and I haven´t really LOVED being in the apartment since then, but I mean sometimes you have to be home.

My roomie moved out 2 days ago so now I live by myself and will do that about two more weeks before I´ll move around a little bit and then in april I´ll get my own apartment!! (CAN`T WAIT!!)

Me and my roomie have been living here for almost a year and it is not a big apartment but now when she has moved out it feel soo big all of a sudden :/ I don´t really like sleeping alone in an apartment with this "many" rooms. The apartment I´m moving to is much smaller and just perfect for one person! Anyways, last night I slept on the couch since the rat we had a few weeks ago was in the bedroom so I don´t really wanna be in there and yesterday I thought I heard something :/
The couch isn´t really a great place to sleep though so I feel kinda tired..

Time to go out in in the rain and make something out of this day!


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