East side to west side...

Tonight will be my last night in the apartment where I´ve been living for one year, since I moved to New York. 
 Been moving little by little in Ikea bags by bus. I mean, I´m a student and can´t really afford a moving truck. Yesterday I filled a suitcase, which ended up REALLY heavy! I had blisters in my hand when I left it at the new place!!
I live on the fifth floor so I had to carry it down all the five flights by myself. THAT SHIT HURT! Good thing that I´m gonna live on the first floor at the new place so I didn´t have to carry it that far up!

Anyways, from tomorrow I will no longer be a "Upper East Side Girl" like Carrie, I will instead be a Upper West Side Girl" like Miranda (yes, i´m reffering to "Sex and the city" boys ;) No, really, from tomorrow until in about 2 weeks I´ll be a "Bronx-girl" since I´ll be living at a friends house until I can move in to my place... It´s gonna be me and J-Lo ;) "Vicky from the block" ;)

(Bye bye Upper East Side)

(Hello Upper West Side)


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