Hoboken, New Jersey!

Oh shit! Have not been blogging in over a week!
My life is kind of a mess right now since I live at a friends place until monday before I can move in to my own apartment! :)

I´m also on spring break right now so I have been out and done stuff this week.. I actually took the boat over to Hoboken, New Jersey which was amazing!! I´ve wanted to go there since I first heard about it in Friends, because I liked the name of it.. Then since I moved here I have met so many people from Hoboken and everyone have told me to go there and I gotta syt that I really loved it! It´s like a little town and it´s really cute! It was just an amazing day! When I´m back on track in my own apartment and everything i´ll post some pictures! :) Also went to "The Cake Boss" bakery which is located in Hoboken.. Really liked it :D

Well, have to run out and make the city a little more crazy now! Will be back next week I think!


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