Molested on a crowded subway....

Yesterday I got molested on a crowded subway :/ I was on my way home from lunch and some shopping with a friend and the subway was so freaking crowded that no one could move and all of a sudden I feel a hand coming up under my coat and after that I feel that a man keeps pushing against me and his "friend" pops up against my butt. I couldn´t even turn around since it was so packed but I tried to move a little bit which I could and I could move so that my leg came in his area but then he started to rub agains my leg instead.. When he then got off the subway I could finally turn around, got eye contact with him and he gave me a big grin and then he blinked.. I felt so dirty!! Then when the subway started to move again I realized that I should have told someone about it of course. I should have told a police officer! I should have done SOMETHING! So annoyed with myself for not doing anything!


Had a crazy night last night with a friend and I think I got home sometime after 4. Totally passed out on the couch and woke up at 2 today and I was too hungover to move basically. New York nights cam be really rough!
Anyways, I decided that I needed to do something with this day so I texted a friend and asked if she wanted to join me to the gym, which she wanted :)
Went there around 4.30 and had a really good 2 hours workout!
I must say though that one of the best parts about working out is when you get home, sit down on the couch and feel good about yourself! :)


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