The academy awards has come to its end!

Yes, that was the 83rd annual Academy Awards!
I thought that it was a pretty lame show this year... No middleacts, not so much humor and as I wrote earlier, James Franco was either high or he had taken Zanax :S

But here are some of the winners (just the big categories) : 

Best supporting actress:  Marissa Leo (The fighter)

Best animated short film: The lost thing

Best animated feature:  Toy Story 3

Adapted screenplay:  Aaron Sorking (The social Network)

Best original screenplay:  David Seidler (The King´s speech)

Best foreign film: Susanne Bier (In a better world, Denmark)

Best actor in a supporting role: Christian Bale (The fighter)

Best original score:  Trent Reznor and  Atticus Ross  (The social Network)

Best sound mixing:  Lora Hirschberg, Gary A. Rizzo and Ed Novick    (Inception)

Best Sound editing: Richard King (Inception)

Costume design:  Colleen Atwood(Alice in Wonderland)

Directing: Tom Hooper (The King´s speech)

Actress  in a leading role: Natalie Portman (Black Swan)

Actor in a leading role:  Colin Firth (The king´s speech)

Best picture:  The king´s speech

So, those were (some of) the winners at the 83rd annual Academy Awards!

As my friend Palmira and I said: We hope that next year, Sandra Bullock is hosting 84th annual Academy awards! She is both humoristic and "hostable" :D

Dresswise I thought that Hailey Steinfeld (True grit) looked STUNNING!!! Mariza Tomei and Jennifer Hudson had nice dresses but overall I thought that everyone looked pretty booring! 
Matthew McCounaghey, WTF happened to your face!?!?!?

Time for me to get some sleep! Good night!

Halfway thru the show....

We are now halfway thru the Academy Awards! So far, "The Social Network" and "Inception" has won the most awards...
Anne Hathaway and James Franco isn´t as good as I thought but I like Anne.. It seems like Franco has taken Zanax or something relaxing :/

Let´s move on to the big categories!!! :D

The Academy Awards!!!

The night of 'The Academy Awards' has finally arrived! I LOOVE it! It's the 83rd annual Academy Awards! Anne Hathaway and James Franco are co-hosting the show tonight so it should be good :)
I've put on a dress, earrings and of course put on some make-up! It's time for GALA!!! :D Let's do this!

So much going on!

What a slow update! Cheeses!
Well, it's been CRAZY! There's soo much things to do before I move to NYC (in about 35 days :D) and on top of everything I work my 2 jobs! Busy lady, LOL!
Last saturday we celebrated my aunt's husbands 50th birthday :) There were like 60 of us and we went on a Finland-Cruise for 24 hours! It was SOOOO MUCH FUN! I really can't explain how funny it was! So, lot's of things going on now!
Take care!

Sick days, SO BORED!!

I started feeling sick last fridayevening (after that freaking "snowstormmorning"). When I woke up saturdaymorning to go to work and work 8am-8pm I felt even worse... But of course I went anyway and it was terrible all day long! I wanted to go home so bad but we were already "low" on staff so I stayied until 7.20pm.. At that point I couldn´t take it anymore! I even called for a taxi to take me home because I really couldn´t imagine myself taking the bus and the train...
I got home like 8 o´clock and went straight to bed!

So now i´ve spent like 3 days in bed! I´ve just been drinking tea, honeywater and warm milk with honey and that´s all! It really was the worst cold EVER!!!!
I´m not well yet but I really have to go to work tomorrow! :( This cought really drives me CRAZY!!!! And also, IT`S SOOOOO BORING TO BE IN BED ALL DAY LONG!!!! Hate being sick!!

Snowstorm!!! FREAKING SHIT!!!!

So, it's now 3 hours since I started trying to get to work! There's a snowstorm here in Sweden and all the buses are cancelled, the trains are over 1 hour late and all the taxis are taken.... At first I went to my regular busstop, no bus came so I walked thru like 19 inches of snow to another busstop (about 1 mile)... My hands and feets were  FREEZING and no bus came so I went back home to try to call for a taxi, without luck of course.... 1 hour later I got a taxi and it drove me to the trainstation.. At the trainstation I (and of course many others) had to wait for 40 minutes for the train.. That's where I am now and now there's problem with the doors and a stopsignal is broken on the rail.... IT'S SOOO COLD AND I FREAKING HATE THE WINTER!!!!!!

My day "off"......

Today was my day off (now I´ll work until next thursday..) but I do not feel rested at all!

I got up around 8am, had breakfast, took a shower and then I went to the study abroadagency to take some tests for my future college... This test is for them to see my skillevel so they know which class they should put me in so that the whole class is on the same level... It was both english and math... The englishtest contained 3 parts and the mathtest was just one part... I came to the agency around 10am and left around 2pm! CHEESES! We had some internetproblems and also my computer isn´t the quickest, lol...

On my way home I was soo hungry and of course my train was cancelled because of the FREAKING snow!!! So, I had to take the subway and the bus which takes about 30 minutes longer.... FREAKING FREAKING SHIT!!! I was home for about an hour to eat and then I went the swimingpool at the sports center and swam about 1,2 miles.. YAAY MEEEEE! :D So freaking GOOOOOOD!



I did great in both tests apperently :P LOOOL! Soo much crying for nothing!

Can´t wait to get there and get my future started :D It will be awsome and EPIC!!!



I think I did good this time! :) I used my 'second chance' and I did it GOOD! ( It felt so anyway!!!) ;)
All this made me so HAPPY  that I first bought myself a dress and a cardigan and then I agreed on going on a  to Finland saturday-sunday with my cousin Jessica :D it's going to be EPIC!!!!! <3

My second chance!

So, tomorrow i'm getting a second chance... Hope i'll turn out better this time!!!! But, this time i won't take it for granted like i did last time..... Crossing my fingers and praying to God!

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