I have to get rid of all the "flebb";)

In like 3 weeks it´s time for my "uncles" 50th birthday party and there´s alot of people coming!
Since i´ve lost about 88 ibs (40 kilos) I have some skin hanging (that´s what me and my cousin Jessica call "flebb") and I really want to get rid of it (or at least some of it) before the party! My arms are the nr 1 priority!

Let the transformation begin! :D :D

Oh yes, Bye bye flebb! Hello fit arms!!!!

Hate it!

Don't know what's going to happen...
Everyone tells me not to worry but I can't forget the fact that everything might  get fucked up...... :( I DON'T LIKE NOT KNOWING!!!!

Had the weirdest dream!

Last night I dreamed the weirdest dream...

 I dreamed that I was running in a dark forest and all of a sudden I turned around and saw all of my clothes hanging in the trees... so I was naked... Then i ran home (still naked) and realized that no one was home and I had no keys..

What does this dream mean?! I´m so curious!

dark forest
What does it mean?!

Remember me....

Okay, I just saw the movie "Remember me" statting Robert Pattinson, Emelie de Ravin, Lena Ohlin (she´s Swedish!) and Pierce Brosnan....

The movie was okay until the end, then It became SUPERGOOD! and SAD! SHIT!

Life is short!


It´s sick! Anna and I now have a lease to sign and then the apartment is ours to rent.... An apartment in New York City, MANHATTAN for crist sake!!! I´m taking my things over the atlantic ocean to study abroad... It´s only about 75 days away (if everything works out as planned!)  SICK!

 I feels like only yesterday when I sat in my room playing with my dolls and then went out with my friends to play catch...

Time passes faster than you think... Life is a short ride and you should hold on as long as you can, you can never go back ones you´re gone...


It feels like it was yesterday....

The man on the moon.....

Don´t tell me you can´t see "the man on the moon"



I have now been working since last sunday and I have 1 day left before I have 1 day off! (It´s going to be sooo nice!) Right now I am REALLY tired so i´m sitting here in my bed with a cup of coffe and i´m about to watch "Entourage" season 2 on DVD :D

Never thought I would watch Twilight....

I am not at all interested in "fantasy/sci-fi"- movies so I don´t watch them.... But, my friend Ulrika talked me in to watching Twilight so I did... I´ll tell you this, TEAM EDWARD OH YEAH!!!!!! ;) (or really i´m a "TEAM Carlisle"-member but they are on the same side anyway..... CARLISLE is sooooo SEXY!!!! :)



Working at the bakery tomorrow and at the retirementcentre on sunday (starting at 8 am both of the days) so i think i better watch the rest of "Twilight- New Moon" now and then get some sleep....

Night night!

Had so much to do today!

Today has been a busy day I must say!
I woke up late and had breakfast with my mum, then we went for about an hour long walk to the store and then back home... We took an cup of coffe and then I started to clean my room, BIG TIME! It took about 5 hours to clean so I was finished almost at 9pm! When I was finished I took my dogs for a 20 minutes walk and then I dyied my hair (i really had to!!!)
 Now i´m finally sitting in my bed with my laptop, a cup of chaitea and some fruitsalad! I really think I deserve it after what i´ve been doing today :D
Think i´m going to watch a movie now!

Back to work tomorrow!

See ya! <3



I had a great new years eve!

Went to Ulrika and Anne´s place and had a great dinner, played funny games and watched the fireworkes on the balcony :) And it was a "non-alcoholic" evening for all of us :D  Thanks for everything!!!! It was so lovely! <3<3<3

Well, now let´s make this year a GREAT year!!!!!
2011 here we come!!!!

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