Soon they will arrive!!!!

OMG! In just a few hours they will be here!!!! MOM AND DAD ARE COMING TOMORROW!!!
It´s going to be so freakisly AWESOME!!!!!

In about 25 hours i´m going to hug them after 4 months apart!!!
Then we´re going to our bar to celebrate their arrival :D AWESOME!!!!!!!!



My first marketing test...

Had my first marketing test today... Actually started to study last thursday (I usually always do it in the last minute, like the night before) and studied both sunday and monday, I wrote 35 pages about everything we have been covering in class so far and I even read everything and recorded myself so that I could listen to it while I slept last night, but apparently he likes to give us a tough task... It was not at all what I expected! On this test, he was putting us in different situations of marketing and asked us what we would do... I had studied definitions and bullet points.... :/ Well, at least I have more knowledge now for the other two tests!

3 days left until mom and dad comes back btw!!! DAMN THAT`S GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!!!! <3<3<3

The weekend was awesome!

Had a terrific weekend I must say!

On friday Anna and I went to a comedy show to see one of the bouncers at our bar perform. It was so much fun! I really love stand up!

After the show Anna went to see a friend and I didn´t feel like going home so I went to our bar to just have a beer and talk to the bartender that we know. When I was sitting there in the bar by myself a girl came up to me and told me to come and talk to her and her friends so, I went there and ended up having a great time:)  They were a lot of fun and one of the girls actually ended up on my couch since she lives in Newark and din´t wanted to go home. New friends is always nice!

On Saturday me and Anna went home to Louise and brought our new friend Olle. I cooked and we had wine, beer and cocktails and laught A LOT!!! Around 11.30 pm we went out to explore Lower East Side and ended up headbanging to a rockband on that was playing at a bar. What happened after the headbanging is kind of a blur but we came back home to Louise place around 5 am and all four of us passed out on her bed after some food that we had brought from McDonald´s!

When we woke up we had to fill in on eachothers blanks from the night before :P
Apperently a lot of stuff happened! HAHA! It was just one of those AWESOME Swedish drunken evenings! <3

Undercover Swedish girl in NYC...

Well, today´s lesson is that you never know who´s sitting next to you!

I was sitting in the computer lab in school to print some documents and apparently there was this other Swedish girl sitting next to me (there´s soo many sweeds and scandinavians in my school!)

She didn´t know that she was sitting next to another sweed... She called up a Swedish friend and started talking. First she said that she had such heavy period flow that she was considering to use 2 tampongs... I had a really hard time to keep it togheter when she then told her friend that she does not only have a heavy period, she also has diarrhea... OMG!!! I mean, even if you´re Swedish in NYC, don´t think you are free to talk Swedish! YOU NEVER KNOW WHO´S SITTING NEXT TO YOU!!!!!


So freaking disgusting!!!

Air message at the pier!

Second day in a row that i´ve been at the pier with coffe and just been chillaxing! Yesterday I was there with Louise and we bought candy from Sockerbit (the Swedish candy store here in NYC) and coffe and just sat on the pier for an hour or so and talked about everything and nothing, just like girls do ;)

Today I went there with both Anna and Louise and when we sat there we saw something really cool up in the air! Someone got an airmessage!!!

and after like 15 minutes the rest of it came...


I want an air message too!!!! :P

It was wonderful down there at the pier with the wonderful sunset and good company :D


Yesterday it FINALLY happened! I´ve loved that man since I was 3 years old and yesterday I met him!
He is SUCH a nice man and OH MY GOD, believe it or not, but he is even more handsome and sexy in real life!
He was on David Letterman show yesteday so that´s how I met him, because I, my roomie and A LOT of other people stood outside and waited for him! Got his autograph!!!! LOOOVE!!! <3<3<3



George Clooney will always be my dream!

Sleepless in NYC...

Well, i'm getting up in about 5 hours for my 8am class but I can't sleep... They say New York is the city that never sleeps but right now it's totally quiet outside my window. Or maybe I just can't hear anything because of the AC.

I went to a street market today on upper west side which was pretty good! The sun was shining and there was not too many people :) I didn't buy anything but it was nice just to be out and look around!

Should give the sleeping another try so that I can get up for my 'Writing through litterature'- class in the morning!

Have a good one!

No one like you!

There´s no man like this man!

<3 George Clooney will FOREVER be the sexiest man on earth! <3

Yet another goodbye...

Last week when we came home from lovely Orlando we, Anna´s high school friend Totte decided to come to New York since he realized that he would have a slow week in school back in Sweden.

He was here during the summer with his parents so I´ve met him before so he lived here with us! It was totally lovely to have him here!
It really feels like i´ve known him forever!

Sadly enough he left this morning :( Teniqua will miss Dshawn! ;)

Now I have to get ready because today it´s Louise birthday so we´re going out for mexican food in the village to celebrate! Going to be FUN!!! :D

See ya!

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