'School bag in hand...'

Today school started again after one wonderful week off!
Had my first marketing class today and it seems good... My professor is a bit of a joker so I think we will get along :)

Right now i'm just sitting in Central Park and chillaxing, it's really nice I must say! About 23 degrees celsius :)



We live in a LOVELY house and we have our own private pool in the backyard! I´m swimming about 30 minutes before breakfast every morning (okay, only been here 2 mornings so far but anyway..)

Yesterday we went to DisneyWorld and we were there for about 10 hours!!! (Falling asleep yesterday was NOT a problem!;) The Disney fireworks was SOO FREAKING LOVELY!!! Had tears in my eyes and chills the whole time! SO CRAZY!!!

And how come no one ever told me Alladin is a HOT PIECE?! Haha, Anna and I were watching him for about 10 minutes before we realized that we were looking like creeps ;)

(Hello ALLADIN!)

Well, tomorrow we are going to Universal studios and on thursday we are going to Sea world which is going to be crazy!! I´m going to CRYYYYY when I see the dolphines!!! LOVELY!

Have to go and work on my tan now ;) (Trying to go from milky to eggshell ;)

Smell ya later! ;)



Yep, our Orlando vacation is about to start! Arrived to the airport here in Orlando around 9.30 and we are still sitting here and waiting for Anna´s parents. We booked our own flight Anna and I and never thought about asking what time they would arrive ;) But we have our Starbucks and our computers so it´s all good.. They are coming soon and then we´re going to the house where we will be living! It´s going to be AWESOME!!!

Tomorrow we are going to Disney World, then we are going to Universal Studios and Sea world during the week! (I CAN`T WAIT TO SEE THE DOLPHINES!!!!!!!!)

Anna and I left our apartment at 3 this morning and I didn´t sleep before that since I had lot´s of things to do before take off so in about 28 hours I´ve slept for about 1 and a half on the plane! And that was NOT a deep sleep, I must say.. But anyways, I´m alive and in Orlando! :D

Will probably go to bed early tonight since we are going to be at Disney World all day long tomorrow! :D

See ya! ;)


Finally the last week of this quarter is about to start which means it will soon be over!!!!
I just have a freaking final exam in Microeconomics tomorrow and then I have a research paper that´s due on thursday which is the last day! We are going to Orlando with Anna´s parents on our 1 week break before the fall quarter starts! It will be awesome!!!!


Yesterday it was FNO in the whole city! FNO stands for Fashion Night Out and it kinda of a kick off for Fashion Week here in NYC.
Anna and I just walked down Fifth Avenue and checked out lot´s of stores and drank their free champagne! It was AWESOME!!

We saw Whoopi Goldberg and Yvonne Ryding (Miss Universe back in the 80's I think, from Sweden)
So much fun!  :D


Vad gör man nu?

Min farmor somnade in idag efter många år med svår demens. Vad händer nu? Jag sitter här på andra sidan jordklotet och går i skolan hela tiden lixom.....
Ärligt talat så vet jag inte vad som händer nu...... Kinda sucks faktiskt :(

Har inte varit så nära min farmor på massa år, typ sen jag var 12 kanske men ändå så är det ju en förlust i familjen vilket ju är väldigt tråkigt :( Speciellt för min pappa som nu inte har några föräldrar kvar :( Usch, hemskt är det!!!!

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