NYC Stand-up!

Yesterday I went to see my friend Hannah perform some comedy on a open mic night at "The Pit". Both me and Anna first went home to Hannah for some cider and small talk. We drank our ciders and all of a sudden both Hannah and Anna were trying to talk me in to doing stand-up as well.. Doing stand-up has always been something i´ve wanted to try, since like in junior high when people told me I was funny and should be a comedian. I told Anna and Hannah that I would never do it. But after some more alcohol I was actually considering doing it. When we came to the place Hannah signed me up... I had no idea what I was going to talk about during my routine but I had 2 vodka/cranberry before the show and thought that I was just going to get up on stage and say whatever came to mind, which I did! When I was called I got up on stage and just went for it! It felt awesome!!!! I actually got up and performed stand-up in front of maybe 20-30 people in the audience, in New York City!! Talk about improv! I don´t really remember what I talked about but I remeber hearing some laughs from the audience actually! :D

Next week me and Hannah are going back and i´ll have a real routine :D


A new beginning!

This week I started my fifth quarter at Berkeley College. I´m taking "Psycology", "The mind and the body", "Accounting" and "Computer applications in business", and so far I like 3 out of 4 professors... (Let´s see if the forth one is any nice, just met her like 35 minutes the first day)

I think I will have a hard time understanding accounting but I´m gonna fight for it and work my heardest to at least get a B+! My professor in my "The mind and the body"-class talks about some really interesting stuff and he seems really nice! He´s really strict about cell phones, coming late to class, falling asleep during class and look at the clock but still he jokes a lot, and makes his subject really interesting. I really think I will enjoy that class alot :)

I hava a really nice schedule this quarter as well, I only have one class that starts at 12.35pm on mondays, then I have a 11 hours day on tuesdays but i´m off the whole day on wednesdays so that´s fine. On thursdays I have class between 9.50am-3.15pm with two hours lunch inbetween and then i´m off for the weekend including fridays! :) I think I can survive that!

Well, happy easter to you!
Have a good one! :)


Found out yesterday that I could move in to my apartment 2 days earlier!!!
So, last night was my first night in my own freaking apartment!
It feels so GREAT:) I mean, I got to move in to my own apartment in NYC on the same day as I had been here in NYC for 1 year!

The apartment is furnished and everything so I just had to move in my own personal things. Got about half of my things in place yesterday so I got to continue putting my things in place today and get settled before a new semester starts in school with new classes and new classmates which is tomorrow... New classes, new apartment, a new start! Feels refreshing!

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