Rain in New York..

It´s raining here in New York today. I don´t really mind because I actually like the rain but there´s so much things you don´t really feel like doing when it´s raining, that´s just natural.

I slept pretty bad last night :/ In our apartment we had a rat (yes, a real RAT!) a few weeks ago and I haven´t really LOVED being in the apartment since then, but I mean sometimes you have to be home.

My roomie moved out 2 days ago so now I live by myself and will do that about two more weeks before I´ll move around a little bit and then in april I´ll get my own apartment!! (CAN`T WAIT!!)

Me and my roomie have been living here for almost a year and it is not a big apartment but now when she has moved out it feel soo big all of a sudden :/ I don´t really like sleeping alone in an apartment with this "many" rooms. The apartment I´m moving to is much smaller and just perfect for one person! Anyways, last night I slept on the couch since the rat we had a few weeks ago was in the bedroom so I don´t really wanna be in there and yesterday I thought I heard something :/
The couch isn´t really a great place to sleep though so I feel kinda tired..

Time to go out in in the rain and make something out of this day!

A day in New York! (Pictures)

So, I didn´t take any pictures yesterday but today I´ve been out all night long and I actually took some pictures :)

First I met up with Ruket and had some really good and cheap Thai food at our favorite place down on 10th street and 3rd ave.
You get to choose 2 entrés and 1 appetizer for 7 dollars!
Today I had the Spicy fish cakes, the dumplings with peanut sauce and the amazing pad thai!

After the lunch we walked over to the west village to meet up with Celina and take a walk along the hudson river

(Celina and Ruket out on the pier)

After the walk at the river we walked on the highline and had a great time :)

It has just been a great day with lovely weather, lovely company and my new York <3

Home on a saturday in New York? Hell no!

Been home for almost 4 hours now and I simply can´t do it! Have to go out! I´ve decided to go downtown and just walk around until my legs are falling off! Maybe i´ll meet some cool people or something? My new motto is "If you snooze you loose"

Can´t stay home on a saturday in the city that never sleeps!

I´ll bring my camera and try to remember to take some pictures and then tomorrow i´ll post it! :D

Somewhere here is where i´ll be walking around tonight! You gotta love it! <3

Walking in New York City...

I must say that New York is the best city to walk around in.
 I really love it because there´s so many things to look at everywhere, it´s really never boring! Wherever you go there are crazy people and stores to look at.

Today I was at 107th and Broadway and decided to walk a few blocks.. All of a sudden I realized that I was down on 42nd street. That´s 65 blocks and I just walked around and cleared my thoughts a bit. It was really nice!

Don´t know what my plans are for the evening... Should probably do some homework or just try to get rid of my cold but that seems so boring... After all, it is saturday and I live in the city where ANYTHING can happen!

I love New York city!

Blind date.. Never again!

So, yesterday I had a blind date... That was the first and the last blind date i´ll ever go on!

Me and this guy had decided to go to the Comedy Cellar down on Macdougal street and meet up at 7.30 outside of the cellar.
I was there on time and like 3 minutes later this guy came up to me and asked me if I was Vicky. In that second I wanted to shoot myself in the head! This guy was short, had an uneven beard (think he had tried to shave it but must have missed a few spots) and he had nose hair coming out from the side of one of his nostril... It was just wierd! I thought to myself, "WHY THE HELL DID WE SAY WE WERE GOING TO MEET 30 MINUTES BEFORE THE SHOW?!?! 2 MINUTES WOULD HAVE BEEN MORE THAN ENOUGH!!!"

He told me he had made a reservation for the show so we were all good. When we walk over to the ticket guy and he said his name they couldn´t find him.. It turned out that he had made a reservation for the show that was on february 18th! (What an Idiot!)
We ended up in the stand-by line and I started to talk about my cold that i´ve had for almost two weeks now and thought that if we wouldn´t be able to get tickets I could just blame my cold and be able to leave him. Unfortunatly we got in......

When we got in the show had already started so the comedian started to talk to us since we walked in late.. First he asked where I was from and we talked a little bit about Sweden etc...
Then he ask me "Is that your husband that you´re here with?"
Without thinking about it I answer "HELL NO!" and everyone started to laugh of course.
He asked me if I was single and I said yes of course. Then he asked the guy I was with if he was single and he said yes. So the comedian said "Well, if you are single and you are single, then maybe you should go home together..." Then my "date" answer "We´ll see what happens".... I WANTED TO RUN GOD DAMMIT!!!! 

The show was great of course. I love comedy shows and I really enjoyed it so that was the good part.. After the show we were paying for our beers and he didn´t even pay, that idiot! I mean, I´m not the girl that expects the guy to pay so of course I got my wallet and thought that MAYBE he´ll stop me but then I put the money on the reciept and he says "Well, I should probably give you 5 back, otherwise you have payed more than me" Mistake 300! :P 

When we got out of the show he asks me "You wanna go for a drink now?" But I just answered No, I should probably just go home and take care of my cold and get ready for my class in the morning. (I don´t even have classes on fridays! :P)  Didn´t even hug him, just said bye and left.. STRAIGHT TO MY BAR!! I needed a real drink after that freaking night!

So wonderful to have a bar where you know everyone and you can just go there and talk with wonderful people! LOVE MY BAR AND EVERY SINGLE PERSON THERE! <3<3<3

Shit, never blind date again!!!!

Along the Hudson River...

I am so freaking annoyed with my freaking cold!!! It never gets better! Freaking Shit!

Well well, yesterday I took a wonderful walk down at the Hudson River with a friend, candy from Sockerbit (The Swedish candy store) and a soya latte from Starbucks! It was so freaking lovely! I just love walking down there and with great company it´s just unbeatable! Last summer I spent a lot of time down there with my very missed friend Louise (Who was just here for 6 months so she´s now back in Sweden, miss her!!!!). We just sat at the pier with candy and coffee and talked sometimes for hours! The atmosphere at the pier during the summer is just amazing! People are dancing, singing, playing with their dogs and everyone is just happy. Can´t wait for the summer to come so I can go down there and enjoy everything again :)

Weekly update from New York!

So, what have I been up to the last couple of days?

Last friday I was at a TV-show recording. The show itself wasn´t that good but lovely Jimmy Fallon was the guest so that´s why I had to go! Jimmy Fallon is like the sweetest, funniest, most talented and just an amazing tv-host. Love him more and more everytime I see anything he does!

On monday me and my friend Celina signed up at a gym :)
It feels sooo freaking good to be back at the gym (it´s been a few years!) and even though I´ve had a cold the last couple of days we have been there 2 times and we´re going tomorrow morning again! The membership we signed up for at the gym also includes unlimited tanning in the tanning booths which is awesome because it is SUPER expensive to go to the tanning salong here in New York.. I was in there for freaking 8 minutes and today my skin is sooo freaking red! Not god at all!! It hurts to even have clothes on!

The latest celebrity I saw was when I was out on a walk with my friend Elektra. We were walking on Madison ave when a group of older men walked by. Suddenly I realize that one of them is freaking Bruce Springsteen! So cool!

Guess it´s time for me to watch the end of "Late night with Jimmy Fallon" and then go and get some sleep so that I am ready for the gym tomorrow! Meeting Celina at 11 so it´s nice to be able to sleep in :D

Just a little end note, Men in this town are bastards! haha

Shopping on Madison Ave. NYC!

The weather really goes up and down here in NYC... The other day we had about 12 degrees (C) with sunshine all day long and then yesterday it went down to 0 and snow!!! Today we're back at 9 degrees... So wierd, but I love the days when you feel the spring in the air :)

One of the best things to do in New York is just walking around and look at everything that goes on here. There's always SOMETHING going on! My school is about 5 kilometers from where I live and I usually walk either to or from school like 3-4 days a week. The other day I actually walked both to and from school :) great exercise and you don't even think about that you're actually exercising since you just look at everything that's going on :) When I walk home from school I usually walk up on Madison Ave. and just window-shop! Madison ave. has all the most amazing stores and all the big designers like Michael Kors, Chanel, Prada, Bulgari, Carolina Herrera, Calvin Klein, Cartier, Christian Louboutin, Dolce & Gabbana, Jimmy Choo, Roberto Cavalli, Vera Wang and LOT'S of other stores!! I guess you understand why I LOVE walking there ;) Not that I can afford to shop there (yet!) but I like to look at all the things I would buy if I could, haha!

The picture below is from a few days ago when I walked thru Central Park on my way to the west side :) The sun was shining and it looked so wonderful! <3 I love New York!! <3

I´m baaack!! :)

Well, it seems like life came between me and my blog...

What have I been up to?

Well, I was home in Sweden for about 3 weeks for Christmas and New years which was really wonderful of course! I got to hang out with my family, see my sisters wonderful son Victor and see my lovely dogs! I also went on a 24 hours cruise with some of my friends and had a BLAST!!! :D

Since I came back to New York have realized that this is really what I want to do and where I want to live. New York is the city in my heart and I am thankful for every minute that I get to spend here. This is where my future is and marketing really is what I want to do for a living. I am determent that this is what I´m gonna do. Of course I miss my family and friends back in Sweden every single second of the day but there is no fture for me in Sweden.

A few days ago I found out that I am an honor student at my college, which is totally unbelieveable. Me, that girl who struggled with almost every subject in middle school and the girl who, on the day of her graduation from high school, said "I will never ever go back to school, finally it´s over!!!" Now I sit here in the city of my dreams, studying business marketing and is an honor student at Berkeley College! It´s so CRAZY!!!!
I really feel like sending an email to all the teachers that ever doubted me and especially that one math teacher that said "Well, if you don´t know this by now, you will never get it and you will struggle your whole life". I just want to throw it in his freaking face!!!

Yesterday the Giants won the sperbowl and my roomie and I went to our bar in midtown to watch the game. I´ve watched the superbowl at the TV back in Sweden a few times and I have to tell you, watching the superbowl with the New York Giants, in New York was BEYOND amazing! The feeling in the air was sick! And the fact that they won ust made it better! I don´t even think you can imagine what the party was like when they had won!!!


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