A little NYC update!

Sometimes it´s really freaking awesome to be home alone! Got coffee and Caramel Creamers and i´m watching 'So you think you can dance'! I also have to finnish the editing of my narrative essay that I have to write for my English 105 class..
I´m writing about when I met the Entourage cast actually :P Haha, I know it sounds pretty lame but my Professor actually really wanted me to write about it! :D Sounds good to me, I must say!

I talked to my friends in Sweden (Huddinge) today on the phone! They were having a BBQ, which always have been one of my favorite things to do with them because our BBQ´s are so FREAKING awesome! It felt REALLY good to talk to them! Miss them SO FREAKING much!

<3<3<3 All my love to you tonight! Thinking about you everyday and I miss you CRAZY much!! HUDDINGEBBQ`S ROOOOCKS!! <3<3<3


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