Small update from the state of New York!

Yeah, i´m still recovering from when my parents were here on my spring break so I´m not gonna post the pictures or anything yet.. But, I can still blog! :)

Right now, Anna´s best friend Jennifer is visiting! So, there´s a lot going on right now :)
Today we´re going to Queens mall after school and on saturday we´re going to Six Flags! HELL YEAH!!! It´s like the sickest amusement park!! They have one rollercoaster ride where you stand up! :S Wanna try it but i´m kinda scared.... Let´s see what happens ;)

Right now i´m just home for lunch between my classes.. Had math this morning and at 1.30 I have microeconomics :) Have a test in both of those classes on monday :(

Almost time to go back to school.. See ya! ;)


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