Tough days ahead of me!

Yes, I know that I have some very tough days ahead of me... I mean, all these goodbyes and everything will be very hard! I have already said goodbye to some of my friends and familymembers that I´m not going to see again before I go...
I try to think positive and think about the fact that it´s not the last time I see them (hopefully) but still there are tears every time... I mean, i´m gonna miss everyone soo FREAKING much!
I know that I will cry the first couple of days but I also know that it will all get better and then I will enjoy my new city with Anna and our new friend Ruket :)

So, tomorrow it´s wednesday and then it´s thursday (i´m so smart, right? ;) and thursday is the big day! I´m allmost done with the packing and my bags are FULL!!! Hopefully I won´t find anything more that I need to bring because it won´t fit in my bag!

I might update tomorrow but if not i´ll update as soon as I have time in New York!

<3 Bye for now! <3


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