Me and Robert Pattinson!

Yesterday Robert Pattinson was on the "Late show with David Letterman" and of course Anna and I went there to get a glimpse of him!

We arrived like 10 minutes before he came and there were A LOT of people there, probably like 1000 people!! More than usual!

When he arrived, there was a car blocking him from our side but everyone was screaming like crazy... Then he started to walk around and write autographs and taking pictures with everyone who wanted it! He was so calm, sweet and nice! You would think that he would be stressed and annoyied but not at all! After like 10 minutes when he came to our side and when he came up to us I asked for a picture while everyone was pushing and hitting me (it´s hard out there!), he said of course and then he said, "Maybe the picture will be better from this side so let me take the picture"!!! HE TOOK MY CAMERA SO THAT THE PICTURE WOULD BE BETTER!!! ISN´T THAT THE SWEETEST?!?!?
Robert Pattinson really knows what makes him a star, his fans!

This is the picture that Robert Pattinson took of him and me!! :D


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