Wonderful weeks, the surprise of my life!

So, now i´ve been totally off the blog for a while, but I have my reasons!
My parents were here for a whole week and we had such a lovely time! They were here both too celebrate their 30th anniversary and of course to hang with me! On their 30th anniversary we went for dinner to Chef Marcus Samuelssons latest restaurant Red Rooster Harlem. What a wonderful experience! The atmosphere was amazing and the food was delicious. ¨
Mom dad and me also dad dinner with my dear friend Christina and her mom, we went to Pier 17 (Wierdly enough I had never been there before :S) With my friend Ruket and we went to the 9/11 memorial with my roomie Anna. We just had a great week and hung out and enjoyied each others company! It was great to have them here as usual! Miss them like crazy!!!

The same day as my parents went home me and Anna went to a comedy show so that I wouldn´t just sit home and be sad because they´d left. The comedy was as always so much fun! I really love stand up!
Anna had told me earlier that she had a surprise for me at our bar Brother Jimmy´s later on the night so after the comedy show we went there and had some beer. Anna told me that I could not turn around and look at the door. Anna told all the staff members and I could only see their faces when she told them. They looked super exited and I got more and more curious!!
After a while someone hit me on my shoulder and I turned around.......

First I just saw my two absolute best guy friends, Marcus and Markus, and of course i started to scream!!! I even ran in to the kitchen and screamed! When I came back out I realized that my best girl friend Ulrika was there too!!!!!
Damn I scremed!!!!!

They came all the way from Sweden and gave me the surprise of my life!!!!! <3<3<3
They stayed for a week and left yesterday :'( But we had an AMAZING/CRAZY AND SUPERFUN WEEK!!!! It really has been lovely! They brought a friend named Josephine also :)

We´ve had totally outragous nights! The first night gave me and Ulrika a 25 dollar fine just because we were drinking out on the street :P HAHA! (Okay, Ulrika didn´t drink just at that moment when the cops came so she doesn´t think she desirved that but she had been drinking :P )

Can´t describe what a wonderful week we had and I can´t tell you how much I love my friends! You are the best and I miss you like crazy!!!!! Can´t wait to see you again! Thank you for coming to me!! Hope to see you here soon again!!!!! ;) <3<3<3<3


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