Blind date.. Never again!

So, yesterday I had a blind date... That was the first and the last blind date i´ll ever go on!

Me and this guy had decided to go to the Comedy Cellar down on Macdougal street and meet up at 7.30 outside of the cellar.
I was there on time and like 3 minutes later this guy came up to me and asked me if I was Vicky. In that second I wanted to shoot myself in the head! This guy was short, had an uneven beard (think he had tried to shave it but must have missed a few spots) and he had nose hair coming out from the side of one of his nostril... It was just wierd! I thought to myself, "WHY THE HELL DID WE SAY WE WERE GOING TO MEET 30 MINUTES BEFORE THE SHOW?!?! 2 MINUTES WOULD HAVE BEEN MORE THAN ENOUGH!!!"

He told me he had made a reservation for the show so we were all good. When we walk over to the ticket guy and he said his name they couldn´t find him.. It turned out that he had made a reservation for the show that was on february 18th! (What an Idiot!)
We ended up in the stand-by line and I started to talk about my cold that i´ve had for almost two weeks now and thought that if we wouldn´t be able to get tickets I could just blame my cold and be able to leave him. Unfortunatly we got in......

When we got in the show had already started so the comedian started to talk to us since we walked in late.. First he asked where I was from and we talked a little bit about Sweden etc...
Then he ask me "Is that your husband that you´re here with?"
Without thinking about it I answer "HELL NO!" and everyone started to laugh of course.
He asked me if I was single and I said yes of course. Then he asked the guy I was with if he was single and he said yes. So the comedian said "Well, if you are single and you are single, then maybe you should go home together..." Then my "date" answer "We´ll see what happens".... I WANTED TO RUN GOD DAMMIT!!!! 

The show was great of course. I love comedy shows and I really enjoyed it so that was the good part.. After the show we were paying for our beers and he didn´t even pay, that idiot! I mean, I´m not the girl that expects the guy to pay so of course I got my wallet and thought that MAYBE he´ll stop me but then I put the money on the reciept and he says "Well, I should probably give you 5 back, otherwise you have payed more than me" Mistake 300! :P 

When we got out of the show he asks me "You wanna go for a drink now?" But I just answered No, I should probably just go home and take care of my cold and get ready for my class in the morning. (I don´t even have classes on fridays! :P)  Didn´t even hug him, just said bye and left.. STRAIGHT TO MY BAR!! I needed a real drink after that freaking night!

So wonderful to have a bar where you know everyone and you can just go there and talk with wonderful people! LOVE MY BAR AND EVERY SINGLE PERSON THERE! <3<3<3

Shit, never blind date again!!!!

Postat av: Mercedes

Haha that sounds like à date you'll never forget. Hahha ne men fortsätt skriv, alltid roligt att läsa om vad du hittar på i staden som aldrig sover

2012-02-26 @ 01:21:19
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Postat av: Den där Elin



haha, åh nä...fy, men det blev en rolig anekdot iallfall!!

2012-03-03 @ 02:10:01

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