A new era begins...

There´s so much going on right now. I´m about to move, I am really focused on my training at the gym and it´s the 2 last weeks of this quarter in school... This quarter i´ve been totally unorganised and tired.. When next quarter starts I totally have to focus and work hard. I will be living in my own apartment and if i keep it up at the gym like I do now, I will also have a lot more energy (so it shouldn´t be a problem to focus). I feel it already actually! This week i´ve been at the gym 4 times and everytime I get home from the gym I just think about the next time! It´s so much fun!
 Well, I guess this is the end of an era and in a few weeks a new era will begin :)

Treated myself with some strawberries tonight, and it was SO good! :D

Here´s a picture of me from this weekend!


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