Fashion Ave/Madison Ave

So, I wrote earlier about the wonderful Madison Ave. with all the wonderful stores and big designer names. It really is my favorite avenue to walk home on and the should actually call it fashion avenue instead! Today I had a night class (have to tell you about a funny thing that happend while I was having my presentation later!)

Anyways, after my night class, that ended at 8 pm, I decided to walk home. As usual I walked on Madison ave and today I actually took some pictures!

 (This is from Michael Kors wonderful store! I want it all, but mostly the two bags on the left side and the sunglasses!)

Look!!! That white bag and those glasses! MY LIKEY!!!

Look at the creativity they have over at Ralph Lauren´s store!

Ralph Lauren always use their store windows to tell a story and not just show their clothes and that´s one thing that I love about them! I´m always so exited everytime I walk by and the window is covered and it says "Windows in progress". It always makes me think "What story will they tell next?"

That was just two of my favorite stores.. I´ll try to take more pictures next time!

So anyways, have to tell you this!
Today I had a presentation in my "multimedia presentations" class and my presentation was about "Sweden in America". Basically I was talking about Swedish things that are famous here in America.
(Btw, I hate having presentations and everytime I have to have a presentation it´s like I black out and don´t really know what i´m saying until it´s all over) In my presentation I had Pippi Longstocking, IKEA, ABBA, H&M among other things. I also talked about Robyn. I talked about that she was born and grew up in Sweden and then I said "and she had her real breakthrough when she released her song.. and then I started to SING in front of my class!!! "Do you really want me, am I really special, taking it so easy...." so i´m standing up there, singing for my class, during my presentation. And while i´m standing there it´s like i´m floating outside of my body and I watch myself and think "WHY THE HELL AM I SINGING FOR MY CLASS?!?!?"
Haha, soo funny! My sister just said "that´s so typical you!"
I´m wierd and I love it!


sv; om jag gör! Fan vad kul!

ja jag funderar på att flytta dit efter gymnasiet :)

2012-03-01 @ 09:33:16
Postat av: johanna

fin blogg!

super mega kul om du kika in på min :)

2012-03-01 @ 12:21:29
Postat av: Anonym

Så otroligt fin blogg du har :)

Jag är med och tävlar i Miss World Sweden, skulle bli glad om du vill slänga iväg en röst på mig :) Tack på förhand :)

2012-03-01 @ 13:11:30

sv; tack för tipset :D har du ett greencard? :)

ohja kom hem från NYC för ca 2 veckor sen ;)

2012-03-01 @ 15:30:50

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