Spring in New York!

FINALLY the spring has hit New York!
Today we´ve had 20 degrees (C) and it has been so nice! Sunglasses, jacket, a cute top, jeans and boots and yet I was sweating! Took a walk home from school which is about 5 kilometers and takes about 50-55 minutes (of course I walked on Madison ave.!!!) and everyone seemed so happy and satisfied!

On my way home I stopped by the store and bought some Strawberries again :) SO GOOD!

(This is how i´m celebrating the spring!)


Anyways, I have started to think more and more about mind control.
A few months ago a saw the documentary named "The secret" which from the beginning was a book. I loved it becasue a lot of what they are talking about is so true. It´s basically about controlling your own thoughts and ideas. You have to thinks as if you were already there.. For example, don´t think "if I ever get rich...." instead you should think "When i´m rich..." Control your thought and believe in yourself because if you don´t truly believe in yourself then who will believe in you?

Postat av: den där Elin

Älskar boken!

Har den i väskan så jag när som helst kan ta upp den o läsa (:

Fast det var en film från början, så boken e en kortfattad film typ (:

men den e grymgrymgrym!!

2012-03-13 @ 02:04:21
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