New York Celebs...

So, I live in New York. One of the worlds most famous city in the world and there are a LOT of celebrities here. I´ve seen many celebrities here but one thing I´ve been thinking of is "Which celebrities have seen me?" Like, what if I´ve been standing and waited for a green light to cross the street and Brad Pitt looked out the window from the backseat of his Escalade? I mean, that must have happened many times, maybe not with Brad Pitt but other celebrities...
It´s kinda exiting to think about it!


So, today I was at the gym again. I really like it because you feel so damn good afterwards :)
I have realized that the gym is kinda hot. I´ve seen a lot of cute guys there at the gym and they are standing there all sweaty working on their muscles, hubba hubba! Sure, I don´t feel that sexy when i´m that sweaty and disgusting but it´s kinda nice to check them out anyways ;)


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