My first hours in 'The big apple'!

The planeride wasn't that bad actually.. I fell asleep before we had left Arlanda, woke up when they gave us food, fell asleep again and woke up when there was only 4 hours left :) so I watched 'Black swan' (great movie) and then I fell asleep again :P
We arrived to Newark about 11.40 and I got my bags about 12.15 :)
I came to Manhattan about 13.40,  (because of the traffic) dropped off my bags at the place where I slept last night (lovely apt!!) and then I met up with Anna!!!! YAAAAAY! :D
We ended the evening in the apt with some wine but at 10pm I was to freaking tired since I had travelled all day long so I went to bed while Anna stayed up....
It's now 7.38 and I can't sleep anymore... Booring!
We are moving in to our own apt today and it's going to be FREAKING FREAKING awesome!!!!!! <3
I <3 Manhattan!!!! <3


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