Celebrity party in NYC! Yeah, baby!

It´s sad that everytime I have a lot to do in life it´s the blog that suffers :/ Well well, I couldn´t stay away any longer now because I experienced such a cool thing this weekend!

I love the show "Saturday Night Live", it´s so funny and I have met most of the cast members before. This weekend was the season finale for the show and of course they had a party. Me and my friend Hannah had decided that we were going to that party, with or without tickets!

We went there and at first we just tried to be confident and try to just say a name and see if it was on the list. I just went up to the guy with the tickets and said "Hi, I´m Amber Smith" and he asked who´s list I would be on and I just said one of the cast memebers name. Of course that cast member hadn´t left his list with that guy yet so we said we would just wait. We waited for little more than an hour (and saw various celebrities entering the party while we waited). At 3 am Hannah decided to leave and go home. I was determined to go to the party so I stayed. About 15 minutes later a man walks out of the party and asks the ticket man if he had a pen he could borrow, but he didn´t have a pen. Luckily I did. While he borrowed my pen I asked him if the party was good and he said that it was awesome. Then he asked me why I wasn´t at the party so I answered "My friend that was supposed to come with my ticket hasn´t shown up yet" and looked annoyed. The man answered that he was sorry that he couldn´t help and then he walked back to the party.
About 5 minutes later the man came back and said to me, "I´m going to get something in my office, but I will be back in about 3 minutes and when I go back, you are going with me".
I was floating on clouds!!!!!!

The man came back a few minutes later and he took my arm and we entered the party. At the door he pointed towards the bar and wispered in my ear "It´s an open bar so go and have fun now, but do not overdrink. Mingle and have a great night, I will see you around" then he left. I was all alone at a freaking celebrity party with an open bar at the freaking Rockefeller Plaza and Mick Jagger was on stage with the Foo Fighters! HEAVEN, I now know that you exist!

I went straight to the bar to warm up and then I started dancing and mingle. Started talking to some guys that works behind the scene on the show and later we ended up going to the afterparty and I came home at 6.30 in the morning after a GREAT night!

Of course you wanna know which celebrities I spotted at the party :)

I saw: Mick Jagger, The Foo Fighters, Miranda Cosgove, Chris Noth (Yeah, Mr. Big from Sex and the city and yeah, I almost died!), Aziz Asaria, Steve Martin, Gabourey Sidibe, Rachel Dratch, Steve Higgins (Told him I love him and he answered "No, I love YOU") some of the SNL cast members including Bobby Moynihan (talked to him), Fred Armisen (talked to him), Bill Hader (said hi to him), Andy Samberg (Took a picture with him and my friend Hannah before she left), Abby Elliott (stood next to her on the dancefloor) Chris Kelly (Danced with him) Taran Killiam (just saw him on the dancefloor) and Jason Sudekis. I saw a few others as well but I don´t really know their names.

It was just and AWESOME night and my first celebrity party, in NYC! So cool and since I wanna work with PR in the field I ensure you that it was NOT the first and last time I was at a party like that! :D

New York Celebs...

So, I live in New York. One of the worlds most famous city in the world and there are a LOT of celebrities here. I´ve seen many celebrities here but one thing I´ve been thinking of is "Which celebrities have seen me?" Like, what if I´ve been standing and waited for a green light to cross the street and Brad Pitt looked out the window from the backseat of his Escalade? I mean, that must have happened many times, maybe not with Brad Pitt but other celebrities...
It´s kinda exiting to think about it!


So, today I was at the gym again. I really like it because you feel so damn good afterwards :)
I have realized that the gym is kinda hot. I´ve seen a lot of cute guys there at the gym and they are standing there all sweaty working on their muscles, hubba hubba! Sure, I don´t feel that sexy when i´m that sweaty and disgusting but it´s kinda nice to check them out anyways ;)

Met Jesse Eisenberg+ update on my life!

What´s going on in my life?
Well, school is crazy right now and I just want this quarter to be over with! I´m kinda sick of school for the moment, just need a break at home and then start fresh again.
We have two weeks left and during those weeks i´m having a groupproject presentation, 3 finals and two essays to write and turn in. And in addition to all that I have a book to read, okay the book 1984 by George Orwell is actually very good so that´s going to be easy.

It´s 16 days left until i´m going home to Sweden for my winter break and it is going to be the best time ever! My sister just got her first kid one week ago and it is really hard for me to think about the fact that i´m not around. I wanna meet the little guy! He´s going to be named after me :D Well, his not going to be named Victoria of course but Victor! Isn´t that the cutest? Aunt Victoria and little Victor <3

Yesterday I met Jesse Eisenberg :) He is actually pretty shy but very sweet! He looked kinda surprised that we (yeah, Anna was also there) wanted to take a picture with him.


So, this week I met my love Jason Segel!
Of course it was outside David Letterman when he was doing the show in the beginning of the week.
He came around 4 and wrote some autographs and took pictures. I got a picture but it really sucked because the light was in my face so you could barely see me. I asked him for a new picture but he really had to go in and do the show so I didn´t get a new one.. When he went inside everyone left so there was just me and another girl there. I decided to wait for him to come out again to try to get a new picture. He came out again around 6 and he was in a rush but me and the other girl, who also had decided to stay and wait for him, begged him for a picture so he said 'Okay, one picture but then I really have to leave'. The other girl took the picture of him and me and then he had to leave... Haha, she didn´t get a picture :P 

 I LOOOOVE the picture because first of all, It´s me and freaking Jason Segel, and second of all, we both have "Crazy eyes" on the picture :P IT`S AWESOME!!!

Just like a minute after Jason had left Jamie Oliver came out of there! I had no idea he was on the show the same day as Jason! We asked him for pictures and he was glad to take both pictures with us and write autographs to us :)
Since I went to culinary high school back in Sweden and worked as a cook for about a year I just felt that we had to talk about that so I told him everything and we started to talk about how wonderful Swedish food is :D He really loves it :D
When he was about to leave the other girl (who didn´t get a picture with Jason:P) asked Jamie for a picture so I helped her to take a picture of them. Then Jamie said 'and now one with my darling' :) So I got a picture with him as well :D

Here it is (I don´t know what i´m doing with my mouth :P)

When he left he touch my arm and said 'Bye love' :D
(Yeah I know they say both darling and love all the time in GB but he was just so sweet when he said it :)

So, that was a great day I must say :D

Me and Robert Pattinson!

Yesterday Robert Pattinson was on the "Late show with David Letterman" and of course Anna and I went there to get a glimpse of him!

We arrived like 10 minutes before he came and there were A LOT of people there, probably like 1000 people!! More than usual!

When he arrived, there was a car blocking him from our side but everyone was screaming like crazy... Then he started to walk around and write autographs and taking pictures with everyone who wanted it! He was so calm, sweet and nice! You would think that he would be stressed and annoyied but not at all! After like 10 minutes when he came to our side and when he came up to us I asked for a picture while everyone was pushing and hitting me (it´s hard out there!), he said of course and then he said, "Maybe the picture will be better from this side so let me take the picture"!!! HE TOOK MY CAMERA SO THAT THE PICTURE WOULD BE BETTER!!! ISN´T THAT THE SWEETEST?!?!?
Robert Pattinson really knows what makes him a star, his fans!

This is the picture that Robert Pattinson took of him and me!! :D


Yesterday it FINALLY happened! I´ve loved that man since I was 3 years old and yesterday I met him!
He is SUCH a nice man and OH MY GOD, believe it or not, but he is even more handsome and sexy in real life!
He was on David Letterman show yesteday so that´s how I met him, because I, my roomie and A LOT of other people stood outside and waited for him! Got his autograph!!!! LOOOVE!!! <3<3<3



George Clooney will always be my dream!

No one like you!

There´s no man like this man!

<3 George Clooney will FOREVER be the sexiest man on earth! <3

We met Alexander Skarsgård! :)

It´s been raining on and off since 4 this morning, which is okay by me since I love hearing the rain against the window. Especially when i´m asleep :)

So, this week we met Alexander Skarsgård! :)
He´s shooting a movie (a remake of an old movie named "What Maisie knew" ) here in New York and we were on set the whole day and watched him work... He´s even hotter in real life!

He´s such a good actor and you should have seen how ADORABLE he was with the little girl that´s in the movie with him! He will be a GREAT father, for sure!!!!

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