A little NYC update!

Sometimes it´s really freaking awesome to be home alone! Got coffee and Caramel Creamers and i´m watching 'So you think you can dance'! I also have to finnish the editing of my narrative essay that I have to write for my English 105 class..
I´m writing about when I met the Entourage cast actually :P Haha, I know it sounds pretty lame but my Professor actually really wanted me to write about it! :D Sounds good to me, I must say!

I talked to my friends in Sweden (Huddinge) today on the phone! They were having a BBQ, which always have been one of my favorite things to do with them because our BBQ´s are so FREAKING awesome! It felt REALLY good to talk to them! Miss them SO FREAKING much!

<3<3<3 All my love to you tonight! Thinking about you everyday and I miss you CRAZY much!! HUDDINGEBBQ`S ROOOOCKS!! <3<3<3

Back to normal, I guess...

Well, Anna´s best friend Jennifer left us and went home to Sweden after spending two weeks here with us.. Honestly, it´s empty here now...
I guess everything is going back to normal now, we´re back in School and no one is visiting until september probably (hopefulle earlier though!)

Anna and I are about to start a new project now that I really can´t talk about yet but it´s going to be awesome! It will give us a more to do which is good and that means we don´t have to think about our loved once back in Sweden that much...

I just did my laundry by the way! I always feel so damn relieved and good when i´m done, but still it takes me a few days before I actually do it... Why can´t I ever learn?

Time to get ready to go to bed! Getting up at 4.30 tomorrow to "work" on our project before school! ;)

See ya!

One day I´ll have my own Entourage!

My roomie Anna and I loove meeting celebrities and since we live in New York it´s pretty easy to do that! :)

Saw Megan Fox and Cindy Crawford last week and this week we found out that the Entourage cast was going to be on The Today Show!
Entourage is one of my absolute FAVORITE TV-show and I even made Anna watch it and she LOVED it two! We didn´t even think twice before we decided to go down to the Today show set and wait for the guys! The thing is that we found out about it late the night before and since we wanted to be first on set we went there EARLY in the morning! We waited for hours! And I had slept for only 1 hour that night.. Felt like CRAP and just wanted to go home.. The show started at 7 and we were just standing there.. I saw a guy (That we started to talk to later and his name is Sam) that had an Entourage sign and he seemed so eager to meet them. When they finally had arrived and we had seen them going in to the studio a guy came and said something to Sam that made him run.. We ran after him and apperently he knew where they were going out. Once we came to the exit where they were coming out we stood there for about 15 minutes before they FINALLY CAME OUT!!! First E and Drama came out, (Kevin Conolly and Kevin Dillon) E went straight to his car, didn´t take any pictures or wrote any autographs... (don´t know if he´s like that or if he was feeling sick or something had happened, but he seemed kinda lame...) Drama wrote one or maybe 2 autographs and then he left to :/
After that, both Turtle (Jerry Ferrara, Anna´s favorite) and Ari ( Jeremy Piven, MY ABSOLUUUTE FAVORITE!!!!) I went straight to Jeremy and talked (or maybe just said a lot of crazy things and almost started to cry, more or less;)  to him. We took a picture togheter of course :) I love that picture! I mean, it´s not a GREAT picture of me since it looks like i´m about to cry but after all, it´s a picture of my first meeting with LOVELY Jeremy Piven! He is AWESOME! Really nice and he really takes time to talk to his fans!He´s also SO FREAKING SEXY AND HANDSOME!!! OH LORD!!!  LOVE HIM EVEN MORE NOW!

<3 Jerry Ferrara is a really nice guy to! He´s totally down to earth and REALLY sweet! And also VERY HOT!!

After that Vince (Adrian Greiner) came out. He´s cool! He didn´t say much but he gave everyone autographs and took pictures with everyone!

I knew that Jeremy Piven was going to be on "The Late show with David Letterman" yesterday and also Ceelo Green who we love from The Voice so we decided to go there in the hopes of seeing them when they were leaving the show. And of course we did! :D
Jeremy came out first and we were standing on the other side of the street because that´s where they want the fans to stand.. There was a lot of people there! When Jeremy came out me and Anna started to stream his name and told him to come to us! He looked at us and said: "Oh, you´re the girls from yesterday!" HE FREAKING REMEMBERED US!!!! He walked over the street to us and we got his autograph and I also asked for a picture. He said: "Didn´t we take a picture yesterday?" and I answered: "Yeah, but I looked totally crazy and like I was supposed to cry" Then he goes: "You?? Noo, I don´t believe that"´!!!! AAAAW! HE`S TOO SWEET!!!
This is our new photo!

SHIT HE`S HOT!!!!!! <3<3<3

After taking photos and writing autographs he went back to his car :( He was so sweet because before the car drove away he rolled down his window and just waved and said bye! That man is GOOOOD with his fans!!! <3<3<3

Later Ceelo Green came out! He didn´t have time to take pictures but he wrote autographs and seemed very nice :D

One day I will have my own Entourage, that´s not a dream, it´s a fact!

"I´m not here for long, but i´m here to make a difference" (Got that tattoed on the right side of my lower back!)

Small update from the state of New York!

Yeah, i´m still recovering from when my parents were here on my spring break so I´m not gonna post the pictures or anything yet.. But, I can still blog! :)

Right now, Anna´s best friend Jennifer is visiting! So, there´s a lot going on right now :)
Today we´re going to Queens mall after school and on saturday we´re going to Six Flags! HELL YEAH!!! It´s like the sickest amusement park!! They have one rollercoaster ride where you stand up! :S Wanna try it but i´m kinda scared.... Let´s see what happens ;)

Right now i´m just home for lunch between my classes.. Had math this morning and at 1.30 I have microeconomics :) Have a test in both of those classes on monday :(

Almost time to go back to school.. See ya! ;)

There´s not only shiny days in New York..

Veckan med mamma och pappa var bortom underbar!
Vi hade en helt fantaskisk tid tillsammans och sen dom åkte har jag mått piss... När man äntligen träffar dom inser man hur mycket man faktiskt saknar dom varenda vakna sekund... Sen dom åkte har jag haft ångest och gråtit en hel del.. Har hela tiden en känsla av att jag bara vill strunta i allt och åka hem, hem till min familj och allt jag vet om. Hem dit jag kan jobba och tjäna pengar, hem där jag kan träffa vänner utan att tänka, "shit, har jag verkligen råd med det här kaffet?", hem där jag kan krama min familj när jag vill... Att leva som en extremt fattig student i New York är inte direkt drömmen...
Jag vet dock att om jag lämnar allt och åker hem så kommer jag för alltid ångra mig! Att sitta där när jag är 65 och ångra massa saker är en utav mina mardrömmar...
att lämna allt vore att ta den enkla vägen ut, utan att kämpa, och jag vill tro att jag är en kämpare, så jag antar att jag måste stanna och ta mig igenom dom jobbiga dagarna! 

Det blev lite lättare när skolan började igen i tisdags, men idag är det en vecka sen dom åkte och även min mammas/bästa väns födelsedag och det känns så otroligt jobbigt att inte vara där hos henne <3<3<3

Jag ska lägga upp bilder och skriva mer om hur vi hade det under våran vecka tillsammans men jag är inte redo att kolla på bilderna eller gå igenom i mitt huvud allt underbara vi gjorde, så jag låter det och alla känslor lägga sig innan jag drar upp dom igen....

Saknar min familj av hela mitt hjärta <3<3<3

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