NYC Stand-up!

Yesterday I went to see my friend Hannah perform some comedy on a open mic night at "The Pit". Both me and Anna first went home to Hannah for some cider and small talk. We drank our ciders and all of a sudden both Hannah and Anna were trying to talk me in to doing stand-up as well.. Doing stand-up has always been something i´ve wanted to try, since like in junior high when people told me I was funny and should be a comedian. I told Anna and Hannah that I would never do it. But after some more alcohol I was actually considering doing it. When we came to the place Hannah signed me up... I had no idea what I was going to talk about during my routine but I had 2 vodka/cranberry before the show and thought that I was just going to get up on stage and say whatever came to mind, which I did! When I was called I got up on stage and just went for it! It felt awesome!!!! I actually got up and performed stand-up in front of maybe 20-30 people in the audience, in New York City!! Talk about improv! I don´t really remember what I talked about but I remeber hearing some laughs from the audience actually! :D

Next week me and Hannah are going back and i´ll have a real routine :D


A new beginning!

This week I started my fifth quarter at Berkeley College. I´m taking "Psycology", "The mind and the body", "Accounting" and "Computer applications in business", and so far I like 3 out of 4 professors... (Let´s see if the forth one is any nice, just met her like 35 minutes the first day)

I think I will have a hard time understanding accounting but I´m gonna fight for it and work my heardest to at least get a B+! My professor in my "The mind and the body"-class talks about some really interesting stuff and he seems really nice! He´s really strict about cell phones, coming late to class, falling asleep during class and look at the clock but still he jokes a lot, and makes his subject really interesting. I really think I will enjoy that class alot :)

I hava a really nice schedule this quarter as well, I only have one class that starts at 12.35pm on mondays, then I have a 11 hours day on tuesdays but i´m off the whole day on wednesdays so that´s fine. On thursdays I have class between 9.50am-3.15pm with two hours lunch inbetween and then i´m off for the weekend including fridays! :) I think I can survive that!

Well, happy easter to you!
Have a good one! :)


Found out yesterday that I could move in to my apartment 2 days earlier!!!
So, last night was my first night in my own freaking apartment!
It feels so GREAT:) I mean, I got to move in to my own apartment in NYC on the same day as I had been here in NYC for 1 year!

The apartment is furnished and everything so I just had to move in my own personal things. Got about half of my things in place yesterday so I got to continue putting my things in place today and get settled before a new semester starts in school with new classes and new classmates which is tomorrow... New classes, new apartment, a new start! Feels refreshing!

Hoboken, New Jersey!

Oh shit! Have not been blogging in over a week!
My life is kind of a mess right now since I live at a friends place until monday before I can move in to my own apartment! :)

I´m also on spring break right now so I have been out and done stuff this week.. I actually took the boat over to Hoboken, New Jersey which was amazing!! I´ve wanted to go there since I first heard about it in Friends, because I liked the name of it.. Then since I moved here I have met so many people from Hoboken and everyone have told me to go there and I gotta syt that I really loved it! It´s like a little town and it´s really cute! It was just an amazing day! When I´m back on track in my own apartment and everything i´ll post some pictures! :) Also went to "The Cake Boss" bakery which is located in Hoboken.. Really liked it :D

Well, have to run out and make the city a little more crazy now! Will be back next week I think!


Woke up to 22 degrees and a big shining sun! :)

Awesome, it feels like summer in New York already, and you gotta love it!

Time to put on something summer like and then hit the town :) Have to go to the gym and work out and then look for shoes and a spring coat since the only coat I have is the one I´ve used all winter and I have to tell you, it´s kinda warm!

Enjoy the rest of your day!

St. Patricks weekend!

It´s been a good weekend!

I´m currently staying at my friends house since I can´t move in to my apartment yet and this weekend she had a friend from Baltimore over for St. Patricks day. St. Patricks was really fun! Lot´s of crazy shit happened and I felt awesome with my green nails and my green beads :)

Today we´ve been walking around in Harlem. It´s crazy that I´ve been living here for almost a year and today was the first time I saw the Apollo theatre and also for the first time really walked around in Harlem for real. Been up there before and I mean I used to live right where spanish Harlem starts but never actually just walked and looked around. Had some good Thai food for lunch as well, YUMMY!
The weather was wonderful as well so it was a really good day :)

Now i´m soo tired though since I barely slept anything last night. Time to be lazy!

Last few minutes...

Sitting here in the apartment, just a few more minutes before i´m closing the door for the last time.
It´s been a good apartment foor a year now. Will miss some parts of it and then there´s other parts that i ABSOLUTLEY won´t miss with it!

Have to vaccume one last time before i´m out of here. Bye bye 100 street and Lexington ave! (Upper east side/ Spanish Harlem) 


Strawberry breakfast!

Yoghurt+roasted oats+ Fresh strawberries= A wonderful and healthy breakfast!

A new era begins...

There´s so much going on right now. I´m about to move, I am really focused on my training at the gym and it´s the 2 last weeks of this quarter in school... This quarter i´ve been totally unorganised and tired.. When next quarter starts I totally have to focus and work hard. I will be living in my own apartment and if i keep it up at the gym like I do now, I will also have a lot more energy (so it shouldn´t be a problem to focus). I feel it already actually! This week i´ve been at the gym 4 times and everytime I get home from the gym I just think about the next time! It´s so much fun!
 Well, I guess this is the end of an era and in a few weeks a new era will begin :)

Treated myself with some strawberries tonight, and it was SO good! :D

Here´s a picture of me from this weekend!

Molested on a crowded subway....

Yesterday I got molested on a crowded subway :/ I was on my way home from lunch and some shopping with a friend and the subway was so freaking crowded that no one could move and all of a sudden I feel a hand coming up under my coat and after that I feel that a man keeps pushing against me and his "friend" pops up against my butt. I couldn´t even turn around since it was so packed but I tried to move a little bit which I could and I could move so that my leg came in his area but then he started to rub agains my leg instead.. When he then got off the subway I could finally turn around, got eye contact with him and he gave me a big grin and then he blinked.. I felt so dirty!! Then when the subway started to move again I realized that I should have told someone about it of course. I should have told a police officer! I should have done SOMETHING! So annoyed with myself for not doing anything!


Had a crazy night last night with a friend and I think I got home sometime after 4. Totally passed out on the couch and woke up at 2 today and I was too hungover to move basically. New York nights cam be really rough!
Anyways, I decided that I needed to do something with this day so I texted a friend and asked if she wanted to join me to the gym, which she wanted :)
Went there around 4.30 and had a really good 2 hours workout!
I must say though that one of the best parts about working out is when you get home, sit down on the couch and feel good about yourself! :)

Workout, hell yeah!

I had a great workout today I must say.. I did really good!
30 minutes warmup on the treadmill and then I focused on back and arms since I did stomach and legs 2 days ago. I think I will have some trouble tomorrow morning when I´m lifting up my coffee cup actually. I feel totally exhausted in my arms!

This was my lunch before the workout! That smoothie was REALLY good and it also made me feel full so that was good, just what I needed :D

Breakfast in New York, not on Tiffanys though....

Woke up just in time for "Live with Kelly" with guest stars Don Cheadle and O.C/Southland- star Ben McKenzie.

This is my breakfast, plain oatmeal which I love really much, a slice of oatbread with cream cheese and cucumber and a cup of coffee in the increadible SEXY cup (You gotta love Sex and the city!)
Have my international marketing class at 12.35 and then i´m hitting the gym so I have to have a good breakfast!

Fashion Ave/Madison Ave

So, I wrote earlier about the wonderful Madison Ave. with all the wonderful stores and big designer names. It really is my favorite avenue to walk home on and the should actually call it fashion avenue instead! Today I had a night class (have to tell you about a funny thing that happend while I was having my presentation later!)

Anyways, after my night class, that ended at 8 pm, I decided to walk home. As usual I walked on Madison ave and today I actually took some pictures!

 (This is from Michael Kors wonderful store! I want it all, but mostly the two bags on the left side and the sunglasses!)

Look!!! That white bag and those glasses! MY LIKEY!!!

Look at the creativity they have over at Ralph Lauren´s store!

Ralph Lauren always use their store windows to tell a story and not just show their clothes and that´s one thing that I love about them! I´m always so exited everytime I walk by and the window is covered and it says "Windows in progress". It always makes me think "What story will they tell next?"

That was just two of my favorite stores.. I´ll try to take more pictures next time!

So anyways, have to tell you this!
Today I had a presentation in my "multimedia presentations" class and my presentation was about "Sweden in America". Basically I was talking about Swedish things that are famous here in America.
(Btw, I hate having presentations and everytime I have to have a presentation it´s like I black out and don´t really know what i´m saying until it´s all over) In my presentation I had Pippi Longstocking, IKEA, ABBA, H&M among other things. I also talked about Robyn. I talked about that she was born and grew up in Sweden and then I said "and she had her real breakthrough when she released her song.. and then I started to SING in front of my class!!! "Do you really want me, am I really special, taking it so easy...." so i´m standing up there, singing for my class, during my presentation. And while i´m standing there it´s like i´m floating outside of my body and I watch myself and think "WHY THE HELL AM I SINGING FOR MY CLASS?!?!?"
Haha, soo funny! My sister just said "that´s so typical you!"
I´m wierd and I love it!

Rain in New York..

It´s raining here in New York today. I don´t really mind because I actually like the rain but there´s so much things you don´t really feel like doing when it´s raining, that´s just natural.

I slept pretty bad last night :/ In our apartment we had a rat (yes, a real RAT!) a few weeks ago and I haven´t really LOVED being in the apartment since then, but I mean sometimes you have to be home.

My roomie moved out 2 days ago so now I live by myself and will do that about two more weeks before I´ll move around a little bit and then in april I´ll get my own apartment!! (CAN`T WAIT!!)

Me and my roomie have been living here for almost a year and it is not a big apartment but now when she has moved out it feel soo big all of a sudden :/ I don´t really like sleeping alone in an apartment with this "many" rooms. The apartment I´m moving to is much smaller and just perfect for one person! Anyways, last night I slept on the couch since the rat we had a few weeks ago was in the bedroom so I don´t really wanna be in there and yesterday I thought I heard something :/
The couch isn´t really a great place to sleep though so I feel kinda tired..

Time to go out in in the rain and make something out of this day!

Blind date.. Never again!

So, yesterday I had a blind date... That was the first and the last blind date i´ll ever go on!

Me and this guy had decided to go to the Comedy Cellar down on Macdougal street and meet up at 7.30 outside of the cellar.
I was there on time and like 3 minutes later this guy came up to me and asked me if I was Vicky. In that second I wanted to shoot myself in the head! This guy was short, had an uneven beard (think he had tried to shave it but must have missed a few spots) and he had nose hair coming out from the side of one of his nostril... It was just wierd! I thought to myself, "WHY THE HELL DID WE SAY WE WERE GOING TO MEET 30 MINUTES BEFORE THE SHOW?!?! 2 MINUTES WOULD HAVE BEEN MORE THAN ENOUGH!!!"

He told me he had made a reservation for the show so we were all good. When we walk over to the ticket guy and he said his name they couldn´t find him.. It turned out that he had made a reservation for the show that was on february 18th! (What an Idiot!)
We ended up in the stand-by line and I started to talk about my cold that i´ve had for almost two weeks now and thought that if we wouldn´t be able to get tickets I could just blame my cold and be able to leave him. Unfortunatly we got in......

When we got in the show had already started so the comedian started to talk to us since we walked in late.. First he asked where I was from and we talked a little bit about Sweden etc...
Then he ask me "Is that your husband that you´re here with?"
Without thinking about it I answer "HELL NO!" and everyone started to laugh of course.
He asked me if I was single and I said yes of course. Then he asked the guy I was with if he was single and he said yes. So the comedian said "Well, if you are single and you are single, then maybe you should go home together..." Then my "date" answer "We´ll see what happens".... I WANTED TO RUN GOD DAMMIT!!!! 

The show was great of course. I love comedy shows and I really enjoyed it so that was the good part.. After the show we were paying for our beers and he didn´t even pay, that idiot! I mean, I´m not the girl that expects the guy to pay so of course I got my wallet and thought that MAYBE he´ll stop me but then I put the money on the reciept and he says "Well, I should probably give you 5 back, otherwise you have payed more than me" Mistake 300! :P 

When we got out of the show he asks me "You wanna go for a drink now?" But I just answered No, I should probably just go home and take care of my cold and get ready for my class in the morning. (I don´t even have classes on fridays! :P)  Didn´t even hug him, just said bye and left.. STRAIGHT TO MY BAR!! I needed a real drink after that freaking night!

So wonderful to have a bar where you know everyone and you can just go there and talk with wonderful people! LOVE MY BAR AND EVERY SINGLE PERSON THERE! <3<3<3

Shit, never blind date again!!!!

Wonderful weeks, the surprise of my life!

So, now i´ve been totally off the blog for a while, but I have my reasons!
My parents were here for a whole week and we had such a lovely time! They were here both too celebrate their 30th anniversary and of course to hang with me! On their 30th anniversary we went for dinner to Chef Marcus Samuelssons latest restaurant Red Rooster Harlem. What a wonderful experience! The atmosphere was amazing and the food was delicious. ¨
Mom dad and me also dad dinner with my dear friend Christina and her mom, we went to Pier 17 (Wierdly enough I had never been there before :S) With my friend Ruket and we went to the 9/11 memorial with my roomie Anna. We just had a great week and hung out and enjoyied each others company! It was great to have them here as usual! Miss them like crazy!!!

The same day as my parents went home me and Anna went to a comedy show so that I wouldn´t just sit home and be sad because they´d left. The comedy was as always so much fun! I really love stand up!
Anna had told me earlier that she had a surprise for me at our bar Brother Jimmy´s later on the night so after the comedy show we went there and had some beer. Anna told me that I could not turn around and look at the door. Anna told all the staff members and I could only see their faces when she told them. They looked super exited and I got more and more curious!!
After a while someone hit me on my shoulder and I turned around.......

First I just saw my two absolute best guy friends, Marcus and Markus, and of course i started to scream!!! I even ran in to the kitchen and screamed! When I came back out I realized that my best girl friend Ulrika was there too!!!!!
Damn I scremed!!!!!

They came all the way from Sweden and gave me the surprise of my life!!!!! <3<3<3
They stayed for a week and left yesterday :'( But we had an AMAZING/CRAZY AND SUPERFUN WEEK!!!! It really has been lovely! They brought a friend named Josephine also :)

We´ve had totally outragous nights! The first night gave me and Ulrika a 25 dollar fine just because we were drinking out on the street :P HAHA! (Okay, Ulrika didn´t drink just at that moment when the cops came so she doesn´t think she desirved that but she had been drinking :P )

Can´t describe what a wonderful week we had and I can´t tell you how much I love my friends! You are the best and I miss you like crazy!!!!! Can´t wait to see you again! Thank you for coming to me!! Hope to see you here soon again!!!!! ;) <3<3<3<3

Soon they will arrive!!!!

OMG! In just a few hours they will be here!!!! MOM AND DAD ARE COMING TOMORROW!!!
It´s going to be so freakisly AWESOME!!!!!

In about 25 hours i´m going to hug them after 4 months apart!!!
Then we´re going to our bar to celebrate their arrival :D AWESOME!!!!!!!!



My first marketing test...

Had my first marketing test today... Actually started to study last thursday (I usually always do it in the last minute, like the night before) and studied both sunday and monday, I wrote 35 pages about everything we have been covering in class so far and I even read everything and recorded myself so that I could listen to it while I slept last night, but apparently he likes to give us a tough task... It was not at all what I expected! On this test, he was putting us in different situations of marketing and asked us what we would do... I had studied definitions and bullet points.... :/ Well, at least I have more knowledge now for the other two tests!

3 days left until mom and dad comes back btw!!! DAMN THAT`S GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!!!! <3<3<3

The weekend was awesome!

Had a terrific weekend I must say!

On friday Anna and I went to a comedy show to see one of the bouncers at our bar perform. It was so much fun! I really love stand up!

After the show Anna went to see a friend and I didn´t feel like going home so I went to our bar to just have a beer and talk to the bartender that we know. When I was sitting there in the bar by myself a girl came up to me and told me to come and talk to her and her friends so, I went there and ended up having a great time:)  They were a lot of fun and one of the girls actually ended up on my couch since she lives in Newark and din´t wanted to go home. New friends is always nice!

On Saturday me and Anna went home to Louise and brought our new friend Olle. I cooked and we had wine, beer and cocktails and laught A LOT!!! Around 11.30 pm we went out to explore Lower East Side and ended up headbanging to a rockband on that was playing at a bar. What happened after the headbanging is kind of a blur but we came back home to Louise place around 5 am and all four of us passed out on her bed after some food that we had brought from McDonald´s!

When we woke up we had to fill in on eachothers blanks from the night before :P
Apperently a lot of stuff happened! HAHA! It was just one of those AWESOME Swedish drunken evenings! <3

Undercover Swedish girl in NYC...

Well, today´s lesson is that you never know who´s sitting next to you!

I was sitting in the computer lab in school to print some documents and apparently there was this other Swedish girl sitting next to me (there´s soo many sweeds and scandinavians in my school!)

She didn´t know that she was sitting next to another sweed... She called up a Swedish friend and started talking. First she said that she had such heavy period flow that she was considering to use 2 tampongs... I had a really hard time to keep it togheter when she then told her friend that she does not only have a heavy period, she also has diarrhea... OMG!!! I mean, even if you´re Swedish in NYC, don´t think you are free to talk Swedish! YOU NEVER KNOW WHO´S SITTING NEXT TO YOU!!!!!


So freaking disgusting!!!

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