Mr. Farrokh Bulsara, there´s no one like you!

 Today it´s the 24th of novemeber and 19 years since Freddie Mercury (born Farrokh Bulsara) left the earth...

Freddie Mercury was the lead vocalist and songwriter of the rock band Queen which i grew up with since my mum has loved them since she was very young... That´s why the 24th of november always has been a day of sorrow in our house...

The world will NEVER have a entertainer like Freddie! He was unique and his music will live on forever and ever!
Queen really was a "one of a kind" band and they have written some of the worlds most famoust songs like: We are the champions, We will rock you, The show must go on, Bohemian Rhapsody, Radio GaGa and my personal favorite Somebody to love... And of course MANY MANY MOOOORE!!!

Freddie died on the 24th of november 1991 from Aids.

Here´s a video from when Queen performed at "Live Aid" in 1985:


          This is my tributetattoo to Queen:                                                             

Freddie Mercury (Farrokh Bulsara) hopefully you are resting on peace!

*The worlds greatest entertainer of all times 1946-1991*
You will never be forgotten!

Open you eyes and you´ll find talented people!

Lately i´ve seen talented people all around me! My childhoodfriend Lana and her brother Ranj (watch his video on youtube! "Ranj- Catch 22") are 2 of them! And of course Rick Younger :)

The most recent talent i´ve seen/heard is a duet named "Oh my god" with 2 girls (Charlotte Nordin and Karin Wannbäck)  from Sweden! ( My dear friend Palmira knows Karin so that´s how I heard about them!) Their song "In my head" is FAAAAB!!!! I listen to it all the time now! They even relesed this song (and 2 more, "Elements" and "Snow") a few weeks ago on a CD!

Of course I want you to hear it, so here it is!!! :D Lovely lyrics and I LOOOVE their voices!

My music of choice!

I admit it, I have a really "strange" (that´s what other people say anyway) musictaste!

Ok, I don´t think it´s "strange" but I know that it´s a bit defferent, lol!

I have a playlist on my Iphone that´s called "My music of choice!" and it contains 96 songs, (that´s not all of my songs on my Iphone of course but it´s the playlist I listen to the most) here´s some of the songs on that playlist:

Boyz II Men- End of the road (a capella)
Josh Groban- Anthem (Live), You raise me up, February song and many more! 
Ren Woods- Aquarius
Jeff Buckley- Hallelujah
Natasha Bedingfield- Unwritten
System of a down- Toxicity
Tenacious D- Papagenu (He´s my sassafrass)
Elvis- Amazing Grace (gospelversion)
P!nk- Crystal Ball, Hooker, U+ur hand, Bad influence, Funhouse and many more!
Queen- Great king rat, Somebody to love, Jesus, I want to break free, Teo Toriatte, Is this the world we created?and many more!
Journey- Don´t stop Believin'
The Baseballs- Umbrella
The Doobie Brothers- Long train running
Ike and Tina Turner- Proud Mary
Ruby Blue- Ramalama
Gary Moore- Still got the blues
The atomic fireballs- The man with the hex
Travie McCoy- Billionaire
"My best friend´s wedding" soundtrack- Wishin' and hopin'
Elvis Crespo- Suavemente
Harlem gospel singers- Swing low Sweet chariot
Ray Charles- This little girl of mine
Hairspray the musical- Good morning Baltimore. And many more!!!
Kiss- Rock and roll all night
Spice girls- Too much
Alicia Keys- Empire state of mind (part II)
Aerosmith- I don´t wanna miss a thing
Fall out boy- Thank´s for the memories
Israel Kamakawiwo'ole- Somewhere over the rainbow
Meatloaf- I would do anything for love
"Rent"- soundtrack- Seasons of love
Ozzy Osbourne- Mama i´m coming home
The Temptations- My girl

Ok, I think you get it, I like all kinds of music!
I listen to rock, gospel, musical, oldies, pop, acapella, rap and everything in between...

Do you think my musictaste is "strange"?

I don´t anyway... Music is fun and I LOOOVE to hear different types!

I <3 Music :D

Rick Younger, keep his name on your mind!

Okay, let me tell you a little story!

When Ulrika, Anne and I were in New York (2009) to celebrate my 20th birthday we bought tickets to a comedy club to go and see some stand-up... All three of us thought that we wouldn´t understand a thing (since Sweden and America has different types of comedy etc....)  and that it would be superboring but we were all VERY wrong!
It was soooo much fun!!!! I will never forget that evening!!!!

The host at the comedy club that night was Rick Younger and I loooooved his "Stand-up routine"!
He told everyone in the audience that we could follow him on Twitter and Facebook so I looked him up of course and since then we´ve been talking on Twitter a few times.

Rick Younger is not just a comedian, he is also a singer, producer, writer and an actor!
Right now you can see him in a new movie starring Harrison Ford, Rachel McAdams, Diane Keaton and Jeff Goldblum named "Morning Glory" where Rick plays a producer!

I can´t wait to see the movie!

Here´s a picture of Rick when he´s on the black "red carpet"  at the premiere of "Morning Glory" in New York:

Rick Younger at the premiere of

Want more?
Check out some of his work on youtube (just search for Rick Younger) or on his own website

Keep Rick Younger on your mind because I KNOW that we will hear and see more from him!

The new TV-show "The middle"....

I´ve now seen 3 (or maybe 4) episodes of this new tv-show "The Middle".... I think it´s soooo funny! It´s such a crazy show about a REALLY crazy family!
I´m going to keep watching! :D


My new tattoo!!! <3

Idag var det äntligen dags för mig och mamma att tattuera oss :D Vi kom lite tidigt till tattueraren men han hade ingen innan så vi fick börja på en gång... Mycket trevlig tattuerare alltså!! Mr. Corona heter han och kommer från Mexico :D

Han började med att tattuera mig! Måste säga att vissa punkter gjorde RIKTIGT ont :P Men nu är det ju över och såhär ser den nu ut:

Ja, det är ju alltså då för er som inte förstår rockgruppen Queens Q och sen min favoritlåts namn alltså "Somebody to love".... Jag har blivit uppvuxen på Queens musik eftersom att min mamma älskar dom och har gjort sen hon var 14 år :D Har alltid lyssnat på dom med andra ord :) LOVE THEM!!!!!

Dags att sova nu!

God natt!

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