Hate being sick!

When I woke up this monday morning I couldn´t even swallow because of the pain in my throath! Felt cold and the pain in my head was terrible.. So I never went to my math class on monday morning, but I had a midterm in my microeconomics class so I just had to go to that! Right after I went back home and fell asleep, though.. Went to my english class on tuesday because It´s the only class I have on tuesdays! When I came home around 12.30 on tuesday I went to bed and more or less slept until this morning! Have had a fever and a stuffed nose!

This morning when I woke up I felt a lot better though but once I sat in my classroom everything came back! My head was about to explode and my troath felt like I was trying to swallow a christmas tree! Went home and cleaned the apartment (things that has to be done sometimes, sick or not sick)

Well, It feels like it´s going in the right direction anyway! (I hope!) Drinking lot´s of honeywater and eating ice-cream :)

Finally the weekend is here! Going to chill and take it easy all weekend long... I think ;)
Let´s see where life takes me! ;P

Now my head hurts again so i´m gonna go to bed instead and watch something on the computer!

See ya! ;)


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