Snowstorm!!! FREAKING SHIT!!!!

So, it's now 3 hours since I started trying to get to work! There's a snowstorm here in Sweden and all the buses are cancelled, the trains are over 1 hour late and all the taxis are taken.... At first I went to my regular busstop, no bus came so I walked thru like 19 inches of snow to another busstop (about 1 mile)... My hands and feets were  FREEZING and no bus came so I went back home to try to call for a taxi, without luck of course.... 1 hour later I got a taxi and it drove me to the trainstation.. At the trainstation I (and of course many others) had to wait for 40 minutes for the train.. That's where I am now and now there's problem with the doors and a stopsignal is broken on the rail.... IT'S SOOO COLD AND I FREAKING HATE THE WINTER!!!!!!

Postat av: Anna

inte sa konstigt att du ar sjukt alsklingen min <3

puss ses snart!

2011-02-14 @ 21:31:10

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