The academy awards has come to its end!

Yes, that was the 83rd annual Academy Awards!
I thought that it was a pretty lame show this year... No middleacts, not so much humor and as I wrote earlier, James Franco was either high or he had taken Zanax :S

But here are some of the winners (just the big categories) : 

Best supporting actress:  Marissa Leo (The fighter)

Best animated short film: The lost thing

Best animated feature:  Toy Story 3

Adapted screenplay:  Aaron Sorking (The social Network)

Best original screenplay:  David Seidler (The King´s speech)

Best foreign film: Susanne Bier (In a better world, Denmark)

Best actor in a supporting role: Christian Bale (The fighter)

Best original score:  Trent Reznor and  Atticus Ross  (The social Network)

Best sound mixing:  Lora Hirschberg, Gary A. Rizzo and Ed Novick    (Inception)

Best Sound editing: Richard King (Inception)

Costume design:  Colleen Atwood(Alice in Wonderland)

Directing: Tom Hooper (The King´s speech)

Actress  in a leading role: Natalie Portman (Black Swan)

Actor in a leading role:  Colin Firth (The king´s speech)

Best picture:  The king´s speech

So, those were (some of) the winners at the 83rd annual Academy Awards!

As my friend Palmira and I said: We hope that next year, Sandra Bullock is hosting 84th annual Academy awards! She is both humoristic and "hostable" :D

Dresswise I thought that Hailey Steinfeld (True grit) looked STUNNING!!! Mariza Tomei and Jennifer Hudson had nice dresses but overall I thought that everyone looked pretty booring! 
Matthew McCounaghey, WTF happened to your face!?!?!?

Time for me to get some sleep! Good night!

Postat av: Anna

yes she is, and it's making me beyond happy!

2011-03-06 @ 19:40:24
Postat av: Palmira

Hahaha, jag dör. Klockrent!

2011-03-19 @ 13:00:54

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