Back to normal, I guess...

Well, Anna´s best friend Jennifer left us and went home to Sweden after spending two weeks here with us.. Honestly, it´s empty here now...
I guess everything is going back to normal now, we´re back in School and no one is visiting until september probably (hopefulle earlier though!)

Anna and I are about to start a new project now that I really can´t talk about yet but it´s going to be awesome! It will give us a more to do which is good and that means we don´t have to think about our loved once back in Sweden that much...

I just did my laundry by the way! I always feel so damn relieved and good when i´m done, but still it takes me a few days before I actually do it... Why can´t I ever learn?

Time to get ready to go to bed! Getting up at 4.30 tomorrow to "work" on our project before school! ;)

See ya!


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