Here´s your update! ;)

I LOVE that I don´t have any classes on fridays so my weekends always starts 2.20 on thursdays! IT`S SO NICE!!!

Right now I´m sitting here watching "Late night with Jimmy Fallon", all by myself and even though I´m tired, I refuse to go to bed! I mean, if I go to bed now then it will be friday around noon when I woke up.. After friday comes saturday and after that comes sunday, then we are back on monday all of a sudden! Yep, so I´m NOT going to bed! I´m so smart ;)

My roomie Anna went to bed about an hour ago so there´s not much going on... Should study a bit though!

Oh, I can´t WAIT for NBC´s "The Voice" to come to Sweden so that y´all will understand who I talk about all the time! They are so FREAKING good!!!


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