Today I´ve had such a lovely and relaxed day!

I got up at 10.15 and had coffee/breakfast that Anna made. I watched TV for a while but then I decided that since the weather was so nice I just had to do something! Decided to make some lunch (pastasalad with pasta, lettuce, turkey and sundried tomatoes :) and take it with me to Central Park. So I did!
Went to Central Park, sat in the grass and ate my salad. About 2 hours later I went home to refill my water bottle and then I went back and started to walk around in the park!
I just walked and walked... Most of the time I had no idea where in the park I were but I mean, as long as you´re in the park you know your somewhere between 59th and 120th street :P The walk lasted for about 1 and a half hour before I realized I was back in the area I know the best... The sun has been LOVELY the whole day! I even burned my shoulders and neck :/

Here´s one of the pictures I took during my walk!
<3<3<3SUCH A LOVELY VIEW!<3<3<3

Now i´ve worked out and taken a shower.... Almost time for dinner and some drinks ;)

Have a great weekend!!<3


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