Just a few hours away...

´The final hours are here... My plane takes off in about 14 hours..... SHIT!
I´m about to live my 12 years old dream! It´s crazy!

 It all started when I was about 9 years old and watched "Sex and the city", I immediately fell in love with the city... For about 7 years I wished to go there before my mum and dad finally gave me and my older sister a weekendtrip to NYC for christmas... We went there and I loved it (if possible) even more! SIICK!!! I LOOOVE THAT city and this will be my 6th time there and this "trip" will last for about 3 years!!!! OH CHEEESES!!!! :D :D :D :D

Of course, I will miss everyone here in Sweden to death! :'(

Stockholm is my past, New York is my future <3

Postat av: Nathalie!!

Alltså det är helt sjukt!!! Jag måste fan komma och hälsa på dig!! Och se staden där min favoritserie utspelar sig! Jag är megaimponerad!!

Ha det så bra nu söta Vickan!! Så får vi ta Mirran och karaoke när du kommer hem ;)

2011-03-31 @ 07:47:50

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