Happy Memorial Day!

Today it´s been Memorial Day! (It´s a day when Americans think about and are greatful for everything the troops are doing)
So, there was no school for us today, which was super nice! The weather has been AMAZING all day and i´ve been walking all over town! I started walking more than half way over to Brooklyn and back, on the Brooklyn Bridge of course, but it was so FREAKING hot on the bridge so I think I would have fainted if I had walked all the way..
When I came back to Manhattan I walked to Century 21 where I waited for Anna to come and meet up with me.

When Anna came we went to the Staten Island Ferry and took it to Staten Island!
 It was lovely down in  Staten Island harbour!
We were at Staten Island for about an hour before we went back to Manhattan and went to the West Village where they have the best Swedish Candy store named Sockerbit! It´s so freaking lovely that it´s there because Swedish candy really is something I would miss unless we had that store! + The owners/staff are so sweet both of them! :D
After that visit we walked to Union Square and took the subway home! Since then i´ve been studying, doing laundry and worked out!
It´s been a GREAT DAY! :D

Now it´s 1.17 am and I should go to take a shower and then go to bed but I really don´t want this long weekend to end :P


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