So, this week I met my love Jason Segel!
Of course it was outside David Letterman when he was doing the show in the beginning of the week.
He came around 4 and wrote some autographs and took pictures. I got a picture but it really sucked because the light was in my face so you could barely see me. I asked him for a new picture but he really had to go in and do the show so I didn´t get a new one.. When he went inside everyone left so there was just me and another girl there. I decided to wait for him to come out again to try to get a new picture. He came out again around 6 and he was in a rush but me and the other girl, who also had decided to stay and wait for him, begged him for a picture so he said 'Okay, one picture but then I really have to leave'. The other girl took the picture of him and me and then he had to leave... Haha, she didn´t get a picture :P 

 I LOOOOVE the picture because first of all, It´s me and freaking Jason Segel, and second of all, we both have "Crazy eyes" on the picture :P IT`S AWESOME!!!

Just like a minute after Jason had left Jamie Oliver came out of there! I had no idea he was on the show the same day as Jason! We asked him for pictures and he was glad to take both pictures with us and write autographs to us :)
Since I went to culinary high school back in Sweden and worked as a cook for about a year I just felt that we had to talk about that so I told him everything and we started to talk about how wonderful Swedish food is :D He really loves it :D
When he was about to leave the other girl (who didn´t get a picture with Jason:P) asked Jamie for a picture so I helped her to take a picture of them. Then Jamie said 'and now one with my darling' :) So I got a picture with him as well :D

Here it is (I don´t know what i´m doing with my mouth :P)

When he left he touch my arm and said 'Bye love' :D
(Yeah I know they say both darling and love all the time in GB but he was just so sweet when he said it :)

So, that was a great day I must say :D


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