Met Jesse Eisenberg+ update on my life!

What´s going on in my life?
Well, school is crazy right now and I just want this quarter to be over with! I´m kinda sick of school for the moment, just need a break at home and then start fresh again.
We have two weeks left and during those weeks i´m having a groupproject presentation, 3 finals and two essays to write and turn in. And in addition to all that I have a book to read, okay the book 1984 by George Orwell is actually very good so that´s going to be easy.

It´s 16 days left until i´m going home to Sweden for my winter break and it is going to be the best time ever! My sister just got her first kid one week ago and it is really hard for me to think about the fact that i´m not around. I wanna meet the little guy! He´s going to be named after me :D Well, his not going to be named Victoria of course but Victor! Isn´t that the cutest? Aunt Victoria and little Victor <3

Yesterday I met Jesse Eisenberg :) He is actually pretty shy but very sweet! He looked kinda surprised that we (yeah, Anna was also there) wanted to take a picture with him.


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