The weekend was awesome!

Had a terrific weekend I must say!

On friday Anna and I went to a comedy show to see one of the bouncers at our bar perform. It was so much fun! I really love stand up!

After the show Anna went to see a friend and I didn´t feel like going home so I went to our bar to just have a beer and talk to the bartender that we know. When I was sitting there in the bar by myself a girl came up to me and told me to come and talk to her and her friends so, I went there and ended up having a great time:)  They were a lot of fun and one of the girls actually ended up on my couch since she lives in Newark and din´t wanted to go home. New friends is always nice!

On Saturday me and Anna went home to Louise and brought our new friend Olle. I cooked and we had wine, beer and cocktails and laught A LOT!!! Around 11.30 pm we went out to explore Lower East Side and ended up headbanging to a rockband on that was playing at a bar. What happened after the headbanging is kind of a blur but we came back home to Louise place around 5 am and all four of us passed out on her bed after some food that we had brought from McDonald´s!

When we woke up we had to fill in on eachothers blanks from the night before :P
Apperently a lot of stuff happened! HAHA! It was just one of those AWESOME Swedish drunken evenings! <3


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