Undercover Swedish girl in NYC...

Well, today´s lesson is that you never know who´s sitting next to you!

I was sitting in the computer lab in school to print some documents and apparently there was this other Swedish girl sitting next to me (there´s soo many sweeds and scandinavians in my school!)

She didn´t know that she was sitting next to another sweed... She called up a Swedish friend and started talking. First she said that she had such heavy period flow that she was considering to use 2 tampongs... I had a really hard time to keep it togheter when she then told her friend that she does not only have a heavy period, she also has diarrhea... OMG!!! I mean, even if you´re Swedish in NYC, don´t think you are free to talk Swedish! YOU NEVER KNOW WHO´S SITTING NEXT TO YOU!!!!!


So freaking disgusting!!!


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