Yep, our Orlando vacation is about to start! Arrived to the airport here in Orlando around 9.30 and we are still sitting here and waiting for Anna´s parents. We booked our own flight Anna and I and never thought about asking what time they would arrive ;) But we have our Starbucks and our computers so it´s all good.. They are coming soon and then we´re going to the house where we will be living! It´s going to be AWESOME!!!

Tomorrow we are going to Disney World, then we are going to Universal Studios and Sea world during the week! (I CAN`T WAIT TO SEE THE DOLPHINES!!!!!!!!)

Anna and I left our apartment at 3 this morning and I didn´t sleep before that since I had lot´s of things to do before take off so in about 28 hours I´ve slept for about 1 and a half on the plane! And that was NOT a deep sleep, I must say.. But anyways, I´m alive and in Orlando! :D

Will probably go to bed early tonight since we are going to be at Disney World all day long tomorrow! :D

See ya! ;)


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