Along the Hudson River...

I am so freaking annoyed with my freaking cold!!! It never gets better! Freaking Shit!

Well well, yesterday I took a wonderful walk down at the Hudson River with a friend, candy from Sockerbit (The Swedish candy store) and a soya latte from Starbucks! It was so freaking lovely! I just love walking down there and with great company it´s just unbeatable! Last summer I spent a lot of time down there with my very missed friend Louise (Who was just here for 6 months so she´s now back in Sweden, miss her!!!!). We just sat at the pier with candy and coffee and talked sometimes for hours! The atmosphere at the pier during the summer is just amazing! People are dancing, singing, playing with their dogs and everyone is just happy. Can´t wait for the summer to come so I can go down there and enjoy everything again :)


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