Weekly update from New York!

So, what have I been up to the last couple of days?

Last friday I was at a TV-show recording. The show itself wasn´t that good but lovely Jimmy Fallon was the guest so that´s why I had to go! Jimmy Fallon is like the sweetest, funniest, most talented and just an amazing tv-host. Love him more and more everytime I see anything he does!

On monday me and my friend Celina signed up at a gym :)
It feels sooo freaking good to be back at the gym (it´s been a few years!) and even though I´ve had a cold the last couple of days we have been there 2 times and we´re going tomorrow morning again! The membership we signed up for at the gym also includes unlimited tanning in the tanning booths which is awesome because it is SUPER expensive to go to the tanning salong here in New York.. I was in there for freaking 8 minutes and today my skin is sooo freaking red! Not god at all!! It hurts to even have clothes on!

The latest celebrity I saw was when I was out on a walk with my friend Elektra. We were walking on Madison ave when a group of older men walked by. Suddenly I realize that one of them is freaking Bruce Springsteen! So cool!

Guess it´s time for me to watch the end of "Late night with Jimmy Fallon" and then go and get some sleep so that I am ready for the gym tomorrow! Meeting Celina at 11 so it´s nice to be able to sleep in :D

Just a little end note, Men in this town are bastards! haha

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haha bästa fotografen!

2012-02-19 @ 17:50:11
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