Lovely sunday in NYC...

It´s been a great sunday so far.

Met up a friend for our regular thai lunch and as usual it was SUPER GOOD!
After the lunch I walked to the gym and it took me probably about 15 minutes and the weather was lovely, sun and about 16 degrees, can´t complain. Worked out for about 1 and a half hour and then I got massage, SOOO NICE!

After that I bought a coffee and walked to K-mart and then I went home. It is now 5.50 pm (17.50) and the sun is still shining and the sky is clear blue, apparently the weather will be even better this whole week!!! I´m not sad at all ;)


I have never ever understood people who walk slow.... In this city everything is very fast and "speedy". But, of course there are people who walk like they just woke up. I´m always panicing when I walk behind slow people and of course they walk 3-4 people on a row so that you can´t pass them on any side!
The worst place on Manhattan is Times Square!!!! I don´t think anyone that lives here in New York likes Times Square. I kind of hate myself for saying that because I know everyone on Times Square are tourists and they wanna look at things (I was just like that all the times I was on vacation here before I moved here) but still.. You have to realize that you can´t walk on the sidewalk with millions of other people and then just stop and take a picture!!! I rarely go there because I always think i´m gonna get a heart attack when i´m there but the best Forever 21 is on Times Square so once in a while I just have to go there :/


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