St. Patricks weekend!

It´s been a good weekend!

I´m currently staying at my friends house since I can´t move in to my apartment yet and this weekend she had a friend from Baltimore over for St. Patricks day. St. Patricks was really fun! Lot´s of crazy shit happened and I felt awesome with my green nails and my green beads :)

Today we´ve been walking around in Harlem. It´s crazy that I´ve been living here for almost a year and today was the first time I saw the Apollo theatre and also for the first time really walked around in Harlem for real. Been up there before and I mean I used to live right where spanish Harlem starts but never actually just walked and looked around. Had some good Thai food for lunch as well, YUMMY!
The weather was wonderful as well so it was a really good day :)

Now i´m soo tired though since I barely slept anything last night. Time to be lazy!


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